Creation of Memories Through Spectacular Events

A special moment of a special day is always denoted by an event no matter how big or small it is. Sometimes the event centers around your life, your loved ones, the business for which you have strived everyday to make it stand tall with its chin up.

It is an obvious thought that you would like to make the event, a treasury of precious memories, being conducted with utmost care and professionalism, focusing on each minute detail. The perfect choice of a venue and a team of skilled personnel are the first and foremost requisites for your dream to transform into a beautiful reality, with the other aspects needed to be taken care of in the most judicial manner.

Orana Convention Gurgaon, under the Orana Group, has carved a niche for itself not only as a convention centre, but also as one of the best wedding halls in Gurgaon. Living up to the true meaning of its name, since Orana means ‘welcome’, in a foreign language,it offers the most prominent and complete conference facility, which also serves as an excellent choice of a perfect venue for a lavish wedding as well as a host of other professional and personal events, in the metropolitan city of Gurgaon or Gurugram.

Also known as Orana Grandum, it chooses a simple yet a suave approach towards creating some wonderful memories, aiming to make the event a visual representation of your opulent outlook. It combines creativity, personalization, and logistical know-how to offer the clients a really unique experience. They participate in every step from the inception of the ideas, to the macro as well micro planning of the event, trying to focus on every little aspiration of you and your loved ones. They aim to value your dream as their own, striving hard with conviction, to create those invaluable memories for you and with you, on every facet of your event.


Touted as one of the best wedding halls in Gurgaon, the banquet area, both indoors and outdoors, is just ideal to host a gorgeous wedding. The venue chosen, is intricately prepared to transform into an exquisite destination, laced with luxury. After all, a wedding involves a collection of wishes, memories, emotions as well as laughter and tears of the bride and the groom as well as their loved ones. Thus, it is ensured that each moment transforms into a magnificent memory of a lifetime.


Orana Convention Gurgaon is a beautifully crafted state of the art centre of marvel, sprawling over 150,000 sqft. It always encourages customisation, according to the needs of the respective programs according to your special program, so that it seems as though the convention center was created with your event in mind. A special team is adept with proper knowhow in communications, technical support, staging, catering, and every minute detail of service offered. The team is extremely vigilant of your on-site needs, in order to maintain the event’s optimal castability with a level of acute attentiveness, to let you enjoy a worthwhile experience, be it with your guests or your colleagues or your prospective business collaborators.

The Decor

If utmost dedication backs up the persuasion to reach a level of perfection, the thoughtful decor also embodies the original mission to offer the best ambience satisfying your opulent outlook. Not just a vast capacity, the interiors and upholstery bears a striking contrast between modernity and your own culture and taste, bathed in soothing colours. Furniture that speaks of quality and aristocracy seamlessly enjoys a supremacy in the decor, apart from being matched perfectly with a lavishly appointed, plush seating arrangement, including the individual seats being draped with a soft fabric of a supreme quality, keeping in mind the comfort of your prestigious visitors.

Indoors and Outdoors

Be it a day, filled with bright sunshine or a relaxed moonlit night, Orana Convention Gurgaon offers exactly the same classic arrangement for any event conducted outdoors, as it is indoors, with all the necessary modifications and adaptations, made in accordance with your choice and preferences. The luxurious outdoor setting is no less impeccable, creating an enticing atmosphere which guarantees the success of an event, built by the aspirations and efforts of many.

A feast to remember

Every successful event is accomplished with a delectable fare. On living by this adage and having a strong belief in the tremendous enthusiasm that food engenders during and after significant major events, your culinary preferences and aspirations are always effectively managed by the expertise of a team of skilled chefs, appointed carefully by Orana Convention Gurgaon. They always aid you in creating a multi-cuisine menu and thus curating the best meals for all. Each event or a special occasion like your wedding must be enjoyed with the presence of a sumptuous spread including an enviable selection of beverages.

Valet Services

It is a perennial worry of an urban dweller to find a suitable space to park her personal transportation vehicle. With plenty of room for parking, the hospitality is taken a notch higher, with specialized valet services, including effective security measures and a strict inspection schedule, allowing you to feel the joy of your important occasions without even the slightest worry.

Memories of a lifetime

Every event is full of different loving moments, graced with emotions of innumerable people, enjoying a unique bond with one another. Thus Orana Convention Gurgaon takes care to appoint experts to capture them, to be preserved as precious memories, to be cherished forever.

A proper Convention Centre for all

Not content with being one of the best wedding halls in Gurgaon, Orana Grandum has always aimed to strike gold, when it comes to fulfilling your needs in the best possible manner,to organise a plethora of carefully designed events, be it government functions, institutional activities, stage performances, lavish weddings, exhibitions, or path breaking business conferences—a luxurious assemblage of solutions, following a constant drive towards perfection, is always there from the Group’s end.

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