Convert Your Potential Property Buyers Into Confirmed Property Buyers Using Live Chat Support Tool

Ever wondered why you are not able to attract buyers when you have invested a big chunk in your digital marketing strategy? Or,

Your website is flooded with traffic but your sales funnel is not working in your favor?

Relatable right?

Well, you are not alone. This is a common problem faced by the developers of commercial and residential property in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and other metro cities.

The question arises here is,

What is the reason that is leaving you behind your competitors?

The Reason

The reason is poor buyers experience.


We all know that competitor analysis is a big part of a well-planned marketing strategy, which often ends with extracting the keywords and the backlinks of the competitors. But the gold doesn’t lie on the keywords or backlinks only. It rests on the quality buyers experience that they provide to their potential buyers.

Why is quality buyers experience essential?

According to Netcraft’s June 2018 Web Server Survey, 1,630,322,579 websites exist on the internet, and the numbers are going up every second. No matter what niche you are in, merely touched, saturated or over-saturated, you have to compete drop-dead to save your spot. You need to explore every way to stand out. Where the marketing strategies are almost same for the niche competitors, it’s only the personalized communication you make with your buyers, keeps you a step ahead.

Mediums for making personalized communication

When it comes to communicating with your buyers, the first thing hits the mind is emailing. Email is a traditional way continuing to be a single effective mean of business communication for a time now. Besides, we have the calling, texting, in-app communication, social media interaction etcetera.

If you give the successful websites a look then, 98% chances are you would see a live chat support agent greeting you with a “Hello”. And that is what gears up there conversion rate drastically.

The role of live chat support facility in enhancing the buyers experience

Let’s have a look at the data first as statements backed by data speaks louder.

According to eDigital Research, live chatting with your buyers is 73% effective in increasing the conversion, leaving the email (61%) and calling (44%) mediums behind.

You can let your buyers contact you through a form, via email, or by calling you on your provided number. But, instant real-time interaction is the 2018 thing which is here to stay as the most effective business communication medium.

People shop online to save time and energy. They are moving through a fast-paced life and responding faster to their queries is all you need to focus on for leaving a better impression on your potential buyers. And live chatting is the quickest method of apt buyers service.

For example:

A person has a particular budget to purchase a property and looking for some specific facilities in it and the person lands on your site and becomes your potential buyer. Now, you have live chat support facility integrated into your website to hold your buyers’ back as and when needed.

You come up with the sales magnet phrase “How may I help you?” without waiting for the buyers to email or call you. 99.9% chances are the buyers instantly dives into the chat box to clear the confusion. If you know how to satisfy your buyer’s query, then nothing can stop you from closing the sale. It can fasten up the selling process if you have an instant discount to offer.

Not convinced yet? Read more.

  • According to a study by Super Office, among every 1000 websites, only 90 sites use live chat facility, and 21% of them are not utilizing its potentiality correctly. Now, this is the time to take the advantage and leave your competitors behind you.
  • As per the research report presented by Telus International, one live chat support agent can handle queries from 6 different buyers at the same time depending on the complexity of the questions. Live chat is 50% less expensive than maintaining an in-house call center.
  • Live Chat is the fastest way of responding to your buyers queries. Not only that, but you can also automate it in such a way that it can seamlessly work for you even when you are not online. According to the Forrester Research, 44% buyers rated live chatting as the best communication medium while purchasing online, and 57% buyers don’t buy from a website where they don’t get their questions answered quickly.
  • As per the American Marketing Association, businesses who have live chat support integrated into their websites tend to have a 20% hike in conversions. According to eMarketer, 35% more people purchase online after having a live chat. This tool can dramatically increase sales.
  • While communicating in a friendly tone, you build trust with buyers, and they fill you with their info like email address and phone number, etc. You can use these credentials to upsell your products. A study by ATG(Oracle) found that 90% of online purchasers identified a live chat button as one of the most trustworthy features of a website that make them buy with confidence.

Hope these are enough to feed your curiosity. Now let’s find out how you can use this feature correctly.

Wrong Approaches

Though this interactive tool is a sales booster, it can cost you your goodwill if used in a wrong way.

Scenario 1


You have a live chat tool integrated, but it is always inactive and asks the other person to fill in their details. This kind of chat support is of no use as this requires your potential buyers to wait for a response just like the other contact forms do.

Scenario 2

Your chat support bot is over-accelerated and bothers your buyers instead of assisting them. It’s an example of hard-selling, not helping.

Best Practices

In the case of Scenario 1 (See above)

Welcome to your visitor and let them know that you are there to help them to take the right decision can work wonder.

In the case of Scenario 2 (See above)

Your chat support bot acts normal and assists visitor even when you are offline.

You can take feedback and work on improving buyers experience by implementing a rating just like the example below.


Most of the builders of the residential flats in Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities are utilizing the power of Live Chat Support to boost their sales.

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