How to Choose A Best Option for Belt Conveyors?

It really becomes difficult to carry heavy products from one place to another by human labor. If you wish to move products from one place to another then the most convenient and inexpensive way to do it would be an excellent choice of belt conveyors. For the reason of the straightforwardness of the flat, moving belt, they can be used to shift a variety of product sizes, shapes, and weights efficiently for long lengths with a single drive. 

One of the most versatile and easy going products handling system is the belt conveyor system. There are two or more pulleys which drive an endless belt of looping system in order to quickly move a product from one place to another. The belts are generally made of rubber or fabric and are used in both the cases of manufacturing and distribution facilities. They are most widely used for the purpose of transportation of both regular and irregular shaped light weight and heavy objects.

Major types of the belt conveyor systems:

There are different varieties of the belt conveyor systems which includes the following:

  • The Slider Bed Belt Conveyor
  • The Roller Bed Conveyor
  • Incline Belt – Slider Conveyor
  • Incline Belt – Roller Conveyor
  • Troughed Belt Conveyor
  • Trough Drum Conveyor Belt

Belt Conveyor

Applications of the system of belt conveyors:

  • The belt conveyors are used to carry out loads of cardboard boxes, cartons, totes and fixtures.
  • It helps in non-contact accumulation.
  • It is absolutely based on zones and the application varies from one zone to another.
  • The pallet loads with bottoms are comparatively less suitable for chain conveyors or rollers.
  • The unit loads are generally conveyed at maximum distances.

Places where it works:

The belt conveyors work to carry and shift the desired products from one place to another in the following places:

  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Units of manufacturing
  • Places of order fulfilment
  • Aerospace
  • Agency and government military
  • Parcel handling
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Furniture and cabinetry
  • Food and beverages

Usage of the belt conveyors:

  • It is used to move simple products from one location to another location to suit your purpose.
  • It moves products up or down inclines which you can take a count on with the engineers of any reputed concern on maximum angles for your product which needs to be shifted.
  • Used to move in either continuous modes or indexing modes which means that the belt stops and starts each time to move a desired product to the end of the belt by making proper use of a sensor for better movement of it.
  • It is of a great use when changing the speed is necessary. When it is fitted with a VFD (variable frequency drive), a powered conveyor with a belt, it acts as a simple conveyor to adjust the speed variation as well.
  • It helps in moving a product around curves.
  • The belt conveyor curves uphold the proper product orientation in position while a product moves around the curve.


Belt Conveyors are thus regarded as one of the great options to carry products through the slopes and elevations. The belt conveyors are of two different types, which include: Incline Belt Conveyors which carry load from low to high and Decline Belt Conveyors which carry load from high to low. The most typical examples of items and products which are being transported on the belt conveyors include packaged goods, totes, bundled items, and bulk boxes. Due to the simple designing and flexible pattern of construction, there is a quick installation of the motorized belt conveyor for a less amount of time. 


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