Best Tips to Know When You Buy an Industrial Property

Commercial properties are in abundance in the market, but the one that suits your needs can be difficult to find. To get ease in your search for the best one, you should work with a strategy that includes the ways on how to act flawlessly while buying industrial property.

The market is broad due to sundry options but, at the same time, confusing and challenging. The threat of making a wrong decision is also there all the time. It is necessary to stay prepared as it facilitates a stress-free and mess-free buying experience. You need to think of long-term use while making a critical decision. It is not your home where a small family lives, and it is about all those employees who belong to different families and will come to that building for daily work.

Here are some tips that can help you make wise decisions on the big purchase of the industrial property.

Stay clear about the reason for property buying

You should always be very clear about why you want to purchase the property. The clearer you are about the purpose, the cleaner is the bigger picture.

Do you want to buy for –

  • Warehouse?
  • Factory?
  • Refrigeration?
  • Manufacturing?
  • Flexible use or anything else?

Your search for the right structure can never start without knowing what exactly you want. Once you get determined about your requirement, the choices of the market become clearer in front of your eyes.

Decide the preferred location

After attaining clarity on the reason for purchase, it is time to decide which spot in the city is suitable for your business. However, usually, the purpose lets you get confirmed about the area of the property. For example, you cannot open a factory in any locality of a city. Such things are usually in the outer regions. Still, if there are options available, it is better to shortlist the promising ones, as it makes the search less tiring.

Think of the additional factors related to the building

When you buy an industrial structure, many other needs arise, and you need to consider them all, as they are unavoidable. Have a look –

  • Parking facilities
  • Proximity to potential clients
  • Space configuration
  • Delivery facilities
  • Closeness to suppliers, other businesses etc.

There are many things like the above that are necessary to bring in attention. Make a list of those that relate to your business.

Work on the budget

Money is the only tool to materialise the big purchase. You should start thinking about the budget once you finalise the area. Check the available funds in the business and calculate the amount you need to add in it.

Of course, you always need financial assistance while investing money in real estate as the money involved is enormous. You will need a commercial mortgage to cover the total cost, but for that, you must decide now the required amount.

Get in contact with the local agents to find the property

Of course, they are the rulers of the real estate market. Their experience and expertise of years assist you in getting the best possible according to your needs. Contact them and fix a meeting on a particular day. You cannot meet all the agents on the same day, as you will also visit the properties with them. It is a work of at least one whole month.

  • Make sure you choose not just any agent but the one with a specialist approach on commercial properties.
  • The agent should be familiar with the uses of industrial buildings.
  • If possible, read some of the reviews available on the website of the agent.
  • Check if it is registered with the regulatory authorities
  • Visit the properties
  • Confirm the type of use of the property – it should be registered as industrial property only

Security is a significant concern

Fire exit, alarm system, cross-ventilation system etc. everything necessary to keep your employees safe should be considered. No matter how mesmerising a building looks to you, if it is not sound on the security part, it is not a worthy investment.

The property –

  • Should not be very near to any gas stations or oil station
  • Should be resistant against natural threats like an earthquake
  • Should be easy access to internet connectivity
  • Should be in possible reach of the fire or any emergency service
  • Should not have much wooden work if you want to open a factory as it may catch fire easily
  • Should have proper ventilation
  • Should have big entries of storage rooms
  • Should be in proximity to main road networks and public transport.
  • Should not have old electric connections and wiring

All the above points are unavoidable, and you need to make sure that you consider all. Finalise a property once you are confident on the security measures.

Time to arrange the money – find an affordable mortgage deal

When you have a final property, it is best to now think about the mortgage. Either you find a lender on your own or to save time find a broker. In the UK, there are many good broking companies spread across the UK. Every city, every location has some good options. Whether you are searching for the mortgage broker in Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Edinburgh or Bristol, you will not stay unattended.

To get on the property ladder safely and at a fast pace, you need to rely on a source that knows the market adequately. If you hire a broker, get the one that is genuine in its policies, for example, those that take no fee from the borrowers are usually more reliable. For example,, John Charcol, etc. are the names that are renowned for providing exceptional service. Give them work to find you the most affordable deals, and they will do that easily.


The above tips are here to guide you and lead your decision to a better result. Any type of property investment is long-term in business. Like a residential building, you cannot just give it on rent after using it for a mere duration of 6 months. Every step you take, every decision you make should be backed up with proper research and adequate funds.



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