Best Hair Dryers Hack for Your Daily Life

This smart essential bath can do more than just dry your hair. 15 Hair Dryer Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

Remove stickers

Remove the decals from your furniture, windows or bumper from your car by blowing hot air into them. You can also remove the contact paper from the shelves by blowing warm air with warm air evenly over the surface.

Adjust your custom glasses

Mold your glasses to fit your head by heating the ends and shaping them to comfortably fit your ears. It is perfect for those inexpensive sunglasses that fall from your face. Not recommended for expensive glasses. Ask a professional to do it.

Store leftovers

Plastic wrap or a plastic bag around a container with hot air applied to the sides. Your leftovers will stay fresh longer.

Remove the wax

Remove the wax from your table or furniture after a romantic candlelit dinner by heating it with a hairdryer and wiping it with a damp cloth. You can also remove the pencil from the walls with this same technique.

Wind a long cable

Wrap the cord around a pencil and apply the hot heat evenly. Perfect for car chargers that annoy you constantly.

Give style to your desserts

Give the frosting on your cake or cupcakes a shiny finish by cleaning the surface with a little warm air. Try this tip to freeze a cake perfectly every time.

Remove dust

The explosion in hard to reach places with cold air to remove dust. Use this method on your keyboard, plants and complex furniture

Remove a photo from a photo album

Blow hot air to the back of the page and gently remove the photo from the paper. These conservation tips can make old photos more beautiful.

Stretch a pair of shoes that are too tight

Put on your shoes with a pair of thick socks. Blow warm air on your shoes, focusing on the areas where you feel the most discomfort. Wiggle your toes while you warm the shoes to enlarge them. Once you’ve stopped applying heat, keep the shoes on until they cool, and then have fun wearing them without blisters. Here are other ways to avoid blisters on your feet.

Dry things before packing

You have to take an early flight but you want to sneak in a last-minute shower before being covered by the terms of the plane? Simply dry your sponge or sponge with a hairdryer after showering and put it in your suitcase. Dry, clean and ready to go.

Remove a dressing

Apply heat to the adhesive before removing it. This will make it less sticky and less painful to take off.

Heat leftovers

If your hotel room does not have a microwave, heat the leftovers with the hairdryer. Here’s how to reheat leftovers for the best flavor.

Remove wrinkles

Remove wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths and shower curtains. Spray them several times with water and then blow them with hot air until the fabric is wrinkled.


Defrost frozen vegetables or meat from the freezer. It is perfect for when the meat freezes. After a minute or two of drying, it will separate easily.

Remove water rings from furniture

Place the nozzle in the hairdryer and point it toward the stain. Start blowing fresh air over it and slowly increase the heat until the stain disappears.

Take Sticky Messes

Hairdryers will facilitate shut down sticky residue, too. Use them to melt adhesive on value tags, book stickers, old tape, and more. Warming up the glue makes it easier to get rid of and wipe off, going your things clean with no annoying, sticky residue left behind.

Soften Stubborn Candle Wax Spills

Candle wax is troublesome to get rid of, and it will shred egress if you chip or scrape at it. employing a hairdryer softens candle wax, creating it simple to get rid of — even from powerful surfaces, admire carpet. It’s a hack which will prevent hours of labor.

Take away Water Rings or Stains from Tables

Run your hairdryer on cool over a stain or water ring for some seconds, then flip the warmth up. The water ring ought to turn nearly instantly. It’s an excellent thanks to keep your grandmother’s antique table in prime condition.

Deflate On Your Dusting

Some individuals even use hairdryers to form dusting easier. instead of victimization dusters and making an attempt to achieve powerful corners, simply use a hairdryer to blow any grit onto the ground, then run the vacuum to wash it up. It adds an additional step, however it’s going to be helpful for individuals with a house choked with nooks and crannies!

Home Improvement Hacks

If you’ve got a little space that must be painted, there’s no got to wait an extended time for the paint to dry before doing successive coat. simply run your blow drier over the world. It’s a {fast} thanks to get your minor paint jobs done as fast as attainable. This trick additionally works for plaster.

Shut down Kids’ Coloring Messes

Hairdryers also can save folks from crayon messes. kids are acknowledged for scribbling everywhere walls and surfaces. Thankfully, those crayons are fabricated from wax. Running a hairdryer on high for some minutes can create it simple to wipe those crayon smudges away while not going stains.

Fight dermatitis

That’s not the sole parenting-friendly use for hairdryers. If you’ve got a baby with a dermatitis, facilitate them air out their bottom with a blast of dry air. simply confirm your drier is ready to cool down or heat, not hot — a burned bottom can wreak AN angry baby.

Dry Off Your Pooch

Before delivery wet dogs within, dry them off for some minutes with a hairdryer in your garage or mudroom. Wet dog isn’t a pleasing smell, and pups have the tendency to trace water and dirt on carpets and piece of furniture. They’ll in all probability even get pleasure from the great heat air on their fur.

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