10 Amazing Benefits of Google Review Widget On Website, you might not know!

Isn’t it exciting? How can someone put Google reviews on their website? Wouldnt it requires a lot of coding and technical knowledge? 


The answer to this question is no, you don’t need any kind of coding expertise to embed the Google reviews widget on website. All that is required is your imagination and creativity. This has all just a few clicks task with the launch of social media aggregator platforms. 


With these platforms, you get the opportunity to develop customer-centric, responsive, and result-driven Google review widgets on website. These platforms offer customization and moderation features where you can change the background colour, edit the font size and style, add a CTA button, add card style, get on-site upload features, custom your widget using the Custom CSS feature, and much more. 


With the moderation feature, you have the option to moderate your content using the profanity filter, you can eliminate any content that is irrelevant, unwanted, or explicit. You have full authority and control over what content you wish to display. Enjoy developing perfect widgets with brilliant features and embedding them by simply copy-pasting a code. 


This was just an overview of what these platforms are capable of. Once you use them you get a better understanding of how effortless the entire process is. Continue reading, to understand why we embed the Google review widget on the website in the first place. 


10 Amazing Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews Widget On Website


Here are the top 10 advantages of course leveraging Google reviews on your website. Now that you get a gist of how easy it is to embed the widget, getting in-depth knowledge about the need for embedding the widgets is essential. 


1. Free brand promotion 

As marketers, you must be aware of how difficult it is to promote your brand and achieve all your strategic goals, especially in this digital world where the competition is high. Here, customer reviews work as the best solutions. They offer authentic content and work as a free promotion by existing customers voluntarily. 

2. Authentic content 

Content is the most important part of marketing, and user-generated content is the most reliable content there is. Providing fresh and updated content on the website boosts your engagement remarkably. Reviews can do this for you, they help you save costs on content creation and flows a stream of fresh and reliable content with minimum acquisition costs. 

3. Builds reliability and credibility 

With the constantly increasing frauds in the online world, it’s important to maintain reliability and credibility within the user’s eyes. Google reviews are the only way people can understand your brand value and the quality of services you provide. Make this easy and offer them everything they need in one place. 

google review user stats

4. Flaunt authenticity and trust 

As mentioned earlier UGC is the most reliable content to exist on the internet. By displaying the Google review widget on website you not only build trust but also flaunt how authentic your brand is. Making your existing customers your brand advocates, you take help from them to motivate potential customers to make favourable purchase decisions. 

5. Power up your word-of-mouth marketing 

With the combination of reliability, trust, etc. in the user’s eyes, you showcase how satisfied and happy your existing customers are with you. By showing real-life experiences you display what others are talking about you. This automatically encourages people to market your brand through WOM. 

6. Boost engagement 

Checking all items in your strategy goals list is difficult. One of the course goals is to boost user engagement. Developing curiosity and keeping your users interested in your brand becomes significantly easy with Google reviews. People see at least 1 review as an illustration of making a purchase, ultimately improving the engagement. 

7. Score a high SEO rank

Engagement involves click-through rates and website dwell time. With increased engagement and dwell-in time, you reduce the risk of bounce rates on the website. With UGC you offer SEO-friendly content that helps in getting better ranks. Google values authentic content more than branded promotional content, making it easier for you to score better SEO ranking. 

8. Get better revenue and boost conversion

Conversion is part of why we all make efforts to achieve everything discussed above. Revenue generation and improving conversion rates is the primary goal for many businesses. 90% of people trust UGC to be essential for making purchase decisions. Google reviews are highly influential and cater to conversion rates significantly. 

9. Build brand-user relationships

Building a positive relationship with the users is essential as physical contact is eliminated in this digital era. Be it positive or negative reviews, it is essential for you to respond to each of them. Initiate a conversation with your customers and show them that their opinion matters. This builds the perfect relationship and eventually hikes the brand’s reputation. 

10. Indirectly reach the audience and enhance brand awareness

The added advantage of embedding a Google review widget on the website is that you not only augment brand reach but all things considered enhance exposure and awareness. When visitors see UGC on the website, it motivates them to leave a review themselves and promote the brand. 


Wrapping up!

Google reviews are extremely genuine and the best form of content a brand can use to boost their conversion rates, hike website dwells in time, enhance brand awareness, etc. integrating reviews on the website opens a door to maximum possibilities of growth and revenues. 


Identify every opportunity to use Google reviews and other social media UGC, embed them on the website, and enjoy a plethora of benefits that come your way with minimum spending and rigger returns, effortlessly. 


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