Artificial Intelligence in Travel Industry

Do you know some of the most searched keywords in the internet? No, They are artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. These technologies are improving by leaps and bounds. So, what is their best part? The software applications linked to AI are reliable and attractive. For the benefit of mankind. AI has already made a huge impact in many businesses. Let us focus on the changes by Artificial Intelligence in Travel Industry for the future in this article.

Healthcare has always maintained a distance as far as digital revolution is concerned. But, travel industry has always been at the forefront of every technological change. The main reasons are the travellers. They make use of every recent technology to make their journey safe and enjoyable. They want to make the best out of every rupee spent. Even the travel industry has always welcomed the new changes with open arms. The main reason, they can make the customers and travellers happy. Imagine the time, you had to wait for a train ticket in a long queue three decades ago. Now, you can book a ticket easily online. Now, with AI in the picture, a lot of administrative and customer service tasks can get completed with ease. So, what is in this article of Artificial Intelligence in Travel industry? The main focus is on the changes brought about by this new technology.


The internet came, and with it travel websites. Travellers from all over the world booked tickets online with ease. Now, it is the era of mobiles and social media craze.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In very normal words, it is machines or computers that can perform tasks or activities that can get completed only by human intelligence. The best example will be taking a crucial decision in a particular situation.

Artificial Intelligence was even in the 1950s. But it is only in this decade that software applications were written that can provide a solution for complex tasks. Without human assistance. So, does it touch a brainwave? Yes, the concept is linked to automation, and many low level jobs in Japan are done by robots.

Artificial Intelligence in Travel Industry

With AI, the travel business firms can save time of the passengers by completing complex tasks on time. This new technology can also eliminate human error. The travel industry’s main source of income is the satisfaction of customers. So, AI can be used to give quality service and quick response to travellers.

Artificial intelligence can even help in complex tasks. For example, calculations, data analysis and solving of problems. Now, AI has stepped even to deep learning. It is a software application where a application can learn from previous experiences to respond to a new situation. This is due to a series of artificial neural networks.

In the following paragraphs, we will look into some examples of Artificial Intelligence in Travel industry.

1. Chatbots in Customer Service

Remember AI? And the best example you get is chatbots. Now, chatbots have been a common occurrence in even social media platforms as well as message apps. If you have got a customer care service center, then you can have chatbots to respond to customer queries. In recent times, customers want quick response. And AI can delve deep in their customer care history. They can pull out the details and present it in a attractive format during an interaction.

Imagine a situation. You have gone to a foreign country. The travel agency, you used to book tickets has its branches in all parts of the world. In case of a doubt, you use the chat option in the travel agency website. But, the executive at the other end may not be a human, it will be a chatbot.

2. Customer Service

The above paragraph corresponds to customer service over the phone. But there are some robots which can respond to queries to a customer face-to-face. When this happens, the queues get reduced in banks and government departments.

In Japan, individual banks have already introduced robots for customer interaction. The robot can respond to customer queries. The science involved is deep learning. Even in travel industry, in the future, you can hope to see robots which can solve customer doubts.

3. Data Processing and Analysis

No. Please do not think that AI is related to customer service alone in the travel industry. The major benefit is gathering and effective use of data for the business. How? Read the next paragraph.

Imagine, you have a hotel in one of the major tourist locations of the world. You have lots of visitors every month. Every customer staying in your hotel is requested to give a feedback on the services. But the data accumulated is immense. An AI tool can analyse and interpret data in a short time. So, you can get the best points from the feedback forms about business practices, prices and customer services. This helps you make some changes to provide the best services to the customers.


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