Alabama softball suffers first loss of the season

The longest winning streak to start a season in the softball history has finally come to an end. Alabama softball had its first loss of the season on 24th march 2019. The Alabama softball team, the crimson tide, had been going strong right from the start of the season. However, the 33 win streak had to, unfortunately, come to an end in the game against Texas. Diehard Alabama fans would have a hard time coming to terms with this defeat. Many fans had bought tremendous inventory of merchandize sensing a season which has arguably been the best year for Alabama in softball. However, in a sad turn of events, Alabama wasn’t able to preserve its winning streak. The biggest disappointment was that they went down in front of a home crowd, which kept cheering and rooting for them right till the end of the game.

When Texas A&M’s Payton McBride stepped to the plate in the bottom of the seventh inning, the team’s home advantage had all but disappeared. It signaled the end of a fabulous season that saw them notch up 33 wins. Texas’ Kendall Potts deserved special mention and deserved to be the most valuable player of the game. The Texas A&M junior pitched all seven innings in the win, giving up only four hits and shut down a high-powered Alabama offense by retiring all three batters she faced in three separate innings. This was proving to be a turning point in Alabama letting the advantage slide from their hands.

The team lost against the Texas A&M Aggies with a final score of 4-3. For several crimson tide newcomers, this was their first loss. The crimson tide stands 4th in the USA today rankings and has a history of strong performances in the NCAA tournaments. The start of this season was the third-longest winning streak in the entire history of the NCAA.

The winning streak is no new feat for the Alabama softball team. Composing your Alabama softball team history is a long winning tradition. The crimson tide has won 11 sec championships since 1999. The team has made it almost every NCAA tournament (18 times in total). The team has also advanced 10 times straight to the World Series (women’s college) and won the national championship, defeating the Oklahoma Sooners in 2012.

The Alabama softball team started in 1997 and has won the sec softball tournament 5 times ever since. The team has a record 40 NCAA wins in the regional games and is the first sec team that plays in every round since 2005.

This season started with outstanding performances from the team, leaving them undefeated for a total of thirty-three matches. The loss against Texas, though heartbreaking, isn’t going to lower the spirits of the team. The experts are optimistic about the future of the Alabama softball team and the fans have certainly not lost hope. The team has had a long tradition of resilience and success and the fans are sure to hold on to that.

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