7 Tips To Style-up Elegantly


A large part of how people perceive you depends on how you dress. Dressing smartly makes you feel good and gives out a positive impression.  Each one of us has a personal style, which we are comfortable in. The dressing style represents our mood, our personality, our interests or inspirations. Everyone is comfortable and confident in their personal style. It can be a minimal accessorized look, a high street fashion or a bohemian look. No matter which style you prefer, you can turn that look into a classy one depending on the occasion. Whether you are going for an interview or maybe the first day at the job or you just want to notch up your style game, dressing up elegantly is a skill. A minimalistic classy style looks elegant all the time. This style inclines towards neutral color palettes, patterns, and fabrics that make it easy to put together a style. The idea behind this article is to help you dress elegantly, no matter which style you follow.

Let’s have a look at 7 tips that can help you style-up elegantly.

1. Shop for Classic Fabrics

Classic fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, and silk last for a decade if maintained properly. Clothes made of these four fabrics are a basic necessity in your wardrobe. A variant of cotton is denim. Denim bottoms are a good choice for both boho and minimalistic looks. Chino pants and blazers or moto jackets made of cotton fabric gives a classy vibe when paired nicely. These fabrics never go out of style. Cashmere, a wool fabric looks gorgeous when paired with tailored pants or denim. Cashmere pullovers and cardigans are very long lasting. An important point to make clothes of these fabrics last longer is to take care of them properly. Read the label that comes with the clothes. Follow the instructions like dry clean, gentle wash, machine wash or hand wash and dry in shade.

2. Wear Solid Neutrals

Floral prints and patterns look classy and sophisticated. But sometimes we don’t understand how to pair them. To avoid these doubts, purchase basic neutral colors. You can find many solid shades in the store. Most common solids are navy blue, gray, black, white and cream. You can also go full monochromatic look. Add a small accessory like a belt, neck piece or scarf and a good pair of heels. Make sure to add similar color shades to make it eye-catching and classy. The best thing about shopping neutral colors for your wardrobe is you don’t have to think much about pairing and packing clothes for a trip. Almost every shade goes well with neutral colors.

3. Well fitted clothes

Overly tight or overly baggy clothes don’t give out a good impression. Clothes that hug your body at the right places without being too tight gives a classy look. In the case of tops, t-shirts, blazers it should cling your waist beautifully. Also, tucking in your shirt with a trouser or a skirt looks very smart. Skinny and wide legged pants also look classy if they fit nicely and if paired properly. If by chance, your dress is a little ill-fitted, get it altered by a local dressmaker to get it to your perfect size. Also, it’s not necessary that every clothing in your wardrobe is well fitted. You can mix and match a relaxed top with well-fitted trousers or vice-versa. If you are wearing a flowy dress or pants that are long, pair them with a 3-inch pump to get the right height. The same theory applies in almost every event or discussion we attend. For example, your gym apparel cannot be too loose or it will make you feel uncomfortable.

4. No overexposed skin

Overexposing your skin never looks classy. Avoid styles which reveal deep necklines with cleavage, midriff-baring tops and revealing belly buttons. This doesn’t mean showing skin is bad, but showing the right amount of skin is the trick. For example, you can pair a crop top with a high waisted trouser. Dressing modestly for formal occasions is very important. A collared, crew neck, boatneck or V-neck necklines give an elegant look. Classy dresses and skirts length should be just above or below your knee. Trousers should be straight, form-fitting, ½-inch off the floor at the back. If you love wearing rompers, the little sister of the jumpsuit, then you can definitely style a neutral colored romper with a blazer, statement necklace, and heels. A romper dress is high on comfort, perfect for summer and looks classy too.

5. Accessorize

7 Tips To Style-up Elegantly


Simple accessories like watches, belts, studs, etc give out a classy impression. Pair these accessories with any outfit for a versatile look. When you shop for accessories, be strategic and shop from bargain and discount stores. This way you can save up money rather than buying from an expensive store. Shop for accessories that are easy to style in various ways. Like pearl earrings, a nice watch, long pendant, and a belt. You can buy purses in solid colors that you can pull off with any outfit. A solid color purse with no embellishments looks high-end. Avoid spending too much on heavy necklaces and rings that are wearable once or twice and then rests forgotten in your wardrobe. A scarf is a great way to add color to any sophisticated outfit. Depending on the weather, a cotton or wool scarf or light silk are good options. Bright colored scarves or printed scarves are great inspirations for a cool chic look.

6. Classy, Comfortable shoes

A classy look is incomplete without a good pair of shoes. Ballet flats, pumps, oxfords, and boots are great choices. Avoid flip flops, sneakers or shoes that are scuffed as these will ruin your entire elegant look. Shop for the basic shoes like black flat ballet, black or nude pumps, and a brown/black oxford. One pair of red heels can make any outfit stand out without being overwhelming. Remember comfort is the key. Block heeled shoes are good for long-wear days as your body weight is evenly distributed. Also, don’t over-match your outfit, purse, and shoes. You can go for a plum-colored purse with a nude heel with an animal print and yet look classy.

7. Hair and makeup

Your hairstyle and makeup must compliment your elegant look. Put together a clean sleek hairdo with a crisp ponytail or braid. There is absolutely no need to spend time looking for elaborate hairstyles. Rather make sure that you brush your hair and it looks tidy. Common options are a center part, side part or straight locks that go well with an elegant look. For makeup, avoid bright, neon or metallic shades on your lips or eye shadows. Opt for a subtle, soft, or nude shade of makeup. Rosy cheeks, mascara, concealer, and glossy lips are a go-to makeup for any look. A part of your makeup is also your nails. No nail paint nails are always better than chipped or unkempt nails. If you are going for a cocktail ring or even simple rings, the focus would be on your nails, so remember to keep them clean.

The above tips will help you feel confident and in making great first impressions. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look elegant, rather shop for versatile and affordable items of clothing that go well in different ways with accessories.

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