7 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Domain Name That May Change Your Perspective

choose a domain name
So, you have got the online business idea and want to name it. Naming your online business website with the right domain is not just as simple as you think. A recent study by Rand Fishkin explained it well but still many people take domain name lightly and that effect many factors into your further growth.
Thats why, from the beginning you should consider perfect domain name ideas for your business. To make you hassle free, below we have mentioned 7 tips and tricks on picking a best domain name.
Have a look….

1. Highlight Branding

The domain name is act as a front look of your business in the type of a link. So, besides just any name tag of the choice, you should always try to make sure that your domain really sounds and act like a brand.
Make your domain name simple yet memorable for your audience. Dont insert any hyphens, digital fonts or numbers, and other thing that make your company or business branding tough to remember or complicated to pronounce.

2. Short Wisely

No doubt, keep the things short always assist in better and fast presentation of the business or product. However, when done wrongly it can ruin your firm or being complicated to understand. For example PastaScience.comto PastaSci.com sees how the cut of few words hit the all sentence.
So, how to overcome this issue? The answer is with the art of balance. In the search of shortness branding, most of think about using a short form of domain name. Always choose something meaningful short that dont crush your brand name. Such as, the World Wildlife Funds website short formed their domain name with WWF.org which suited them perfectly as they are famous.

3. Try to Get .COM

The types of extension you choose play a great role into your business branding. Many new extensions such as “.meor “.proare stylish and attractive to eyes, but still “.comextension is the old and simplest to memorize and mostly used all over the internet.
Due to its popularity sometimes it will be unavailable with your word, but dont be hyper and also try other recognized extensions such as “.coor “.netor “.org”. If possible, try to connect the owner of .com extension if he wishes to sell his .com extension to you.
Besides these, dont forget about countryspecific extensions, like “.infor India, or “.usfor united state america. These are completely perfect for a region or country specific spot and not for outside that area.

4. Always watch out for Name before getting one

Because of lots of internet growth, there are so many things exist on World Wide Web even we dont know about them. So, there will be more chances, if done things without any research that your domain name easily sounds similar as of the other website or brand name.
A perfect domain name should be unique to standout from those names and also to avoid trademark infringement and confusion. After all, no one wants to go court for any trademark or copy issue. Also, if you find guilty into it you may have take your hands from the domain. So, always before considering a domain name, checkout here for not going through from this issue..

5. Be Clear

Your domain name is enough users friendly to clear doubt about your business. Now, this will be the first impression that will be your last to express yourself.
For example, from above mentioned post by Rand Fishkin listed PastaPerfected.comas an ideal domain name for pasta dedicated platform. From that, you can see how easily it describes the all thing and also users can easily guess about the website. Also, this makes at first glance to keep your business in mind by people.
So, remember to make your domain as per your services such as web design inspiration gallery, creative store, foodhub etc.

6. Dont Overdo Things

Yes, by adding some targeted keywords into your domain can assist you in ranking. But, doing things over or more than limit always hurt and thats the case with search engines too. Putting many exact match keywords or phrases make your website spammy into the eye of major search engines. So, nowadays, because of latest algorithms of Google or other search engines integrating too much volume of exact match keywords into domain name does not matter a lot and harm your website.
Our recommendation is not using targeted keywords and phrases. Or if used make it search engine as well as your users friendly to easily remember.

7. Make Change if Needed

So, when you feel exhausted and badly want your favourite domain name but there is no availability of it, try to play with words and finish with a domain name as similar as you wish.   Just with minor changes you will be able to make it register for yourself.
Just Learn from Rands examples of ThePastaTerra.comor PastaTerraShop.comsee how with the use of a prefix or suffix things get right and working. Also, from the above listed points, try number 3 tactic and just choose a different extension if you have no issue at end factor such as .me or  countries specific one..
At last, we just hope our 7 mentioned points will assist you to choose most valuable domain name for your digital platform. Feel free to share your own domain picking experience  and name with us in the comment section below.

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