7 Real Signs That Your Brand Is Ready To Expand

How do you know when its time to scale your business to the next level? Every brand wants to grow by internal as well as by external measures. Profitable companies must expand their brand to take advantage of the momentum that success brings to a company.

Brand expansion is much more complicated than many people realize. Sometimes we miss the signs that we need to expand our brand to different markets, channels, or categories. So, let’s look at seven signs that you’re ready to grow your brand.

1.  Loyal Customers are Essential before You Expand Your Brand

Loyal customers and clients are one of the critical elements in a business, and they represent a sure sign that your brand is ready to expand. To see your brand expand you must have a steady customer base that is regularly growing.

Repetitive customers illustrate that you offer quality services and products. They bring recurring revenue that stabilizes your business. Especially those that purchase monthly subscriptions of your services or products.

2. You’re Having Problems with Too Much Demand

Some people may argue the opposite when you’re having problems keeping up with the demand, but that’s a sure sign that you need to expand your business. It must be demand sustained over a long period of time, not just an explosion of growth for one month.

Track your sales and statistics to ensure that your customer’s demands represent stable growth. Often, businesses that show steady profits over three years can safely expand their brand to increase their profits.

3. A Solid Team of Employees Supports Your Business

Do your employees know their jobs well and help contribute to the efficiency of your business? Can you see yourself working with the same employees several years down the road? If your staff is invested in your business and eager to progress than it’s a sign to expand your brand. If you answered no to either of these questions, look at the areas that need improvement and hire strategically

4. Your Niche and Industry are Growing

If your industry is on an upward trend, you can expand your brand by offering new services and products that compliment that growth. Create products and services that increase your revenue and stabilize your business. If your chosen industry is in a period of stagnation, expanding at the wrong time could mean that you lose money over time.

5. There is a Need for New Services and Products Related to Your Industry

Do you see a product gap in your industry that needs to be filled? If you have particular services or products that are doing well, it may be time for additional offerings. If you own a small spa, you could add more services like waxing or facials. A new skin care line would be an excellent addition.

6. You Need More Space

Many times, you know it’s time to expand your brand when you have no more physical room in your business. Maybe your space is too cramped for your staff or products. If this is the case, its time to upgrade to more square footage so that you have the room needed to carry out your work efficiently.

7. Your Business has a Stable Operational System

It’s time to expand your brand if you have documented systems in place. If you expand, your employees must be able to replicate your product and services at other locations, so an employee operational manual is essential.

The employees must be trained the same way and provide the same service that you would provide. Consistency is vital for company stability and growth. You’ll lose customers if there are too many inconsistencies with what you sell.

Expanding your brand is both a joyous and stressful time, but crucial for long-term success. If you have products, equipment,  or materials to sell,  then hiring someone who specializes in manufacturing/industrial SEO & web design could really help you grown your business exponentially.

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