7 Best Motorcycle Gear & Cool Accessories For 2020

Riding a motorbike, in a way, is a matter of passion and a style statement for many. Bikers have their conduct and set of rules that guide them. Taking care of their ride is primal. How a biker keeps his/her motorcycle dictates a lot about their commitment towards this cult. If you ride any cool motorbike like a Kawasaki motorcycle, modern biking gear and accessories are sure to charm you.  

Not only some of these accessories provide for protection against high-risk road accidents, but they also add a cool factor to your biking experience.

So, we are bringing along a list of top 7 biking gear that might as well turn around your biking game. Read on to find out our best picks.

Smart helmets

1. Smart helmets 

Communication, navigation and listening to music on a motorbike ride have never been smooth. The dangling earphones under a helmet destroy the biking experience for many. It’s incredible how smart helmets are revolutionizing the biking experience and releasing this pressure off the hook. For smooth communication, navigation and HUD display, say hello to the smart helmets integrated with ultra-cool technology. How amazing it is to have a rearview in the comfort of the helmet. Moreover, some helmet range such as a Fenix AR helmet comes with 180 degrees rearview camera and voice control technology. While a Sena momentum Inc Pro helmet comes with technology like group intercom and auto noise control to comfort your group biking journey. Apart from the safety, the modern helmets come with gear design like that in a sci-fi movie. These helmets are making heads turn, and there’s hardly any reason you would not want to invest in them.

2.Airbag jackets 

If you are the one to go for high-quality protection gear, the present-day airbag jackets can make an excellent addition to your collection. Airbags have always been there on the market and were widely used by cops and police and later on by riders during races, fast track to 2020 biking lovers are going gaga about them too. Airbag jackets strike a balance between being safe and stylish and have entered our everyday life. They reduce the risk of injury by keeping the back and neck straight during a fall. The airbag system deploys as soon as the rider separates from the bike. A layer of air surrounds the torso and rib cage of the biker to protect against jerks. All in all, an airbag jacket provides similar safety as the airbag in your cars. They are available in lightweight and waterproof materials for relentless biking experience. You can wear them over your regular clothes for an extra layer of protection. With a vast number of roadside accidents occurring each year, an airbag jacket protection is worth every single penny.

3. Smart turn system 

Manually operating the turn system is inconvenient for a rider. So much that many a time we forget to cancel the signal after taking a turn. An on indicator confuse people behind us and may sometime lead to a fatal accident. Riding a motorbike needs a lot of focus and coordination, sometimes small things like a turn signal, interrupt a smooth ride. After all, operating little buttons on the handle while wearing thick gloves is distracting as well as confusing. Therefore, a self-cancelling indicator system is more of a necessity than a desire. A smart turn system (STS) senses when a motorcycle completes the turn and self cancels. The latest technology makes easy in-home installation and is smart enough to detect even the smallest of twists and bends.

4. Motorcycle navigator gadget 

Navigation for motorbikes has made riding across the places hassle-free. With GPS technology and fast access to maps, you do not have to ask direction and thus save a considerable amount of time. The latest systems like Garmin Nuvi Navigators come with a user-friendly interface and voice command system. So, you can easily ask for eating out suggestions, and places near me while on the go. All the maps get updated regularly, so all the information is the latest and on point. Now, you can also keep a tab on your speed and mileage with a recording system, and it’s a fantastic thing to have.

5. Wifi sports action camera 

This item on our list will swoon all the photography and social media lovers. A high-resolution camera that captures moments and videos on the go has now become a staple for motorcyclists. They can be easily mounted on the handlebars and become your best vlogging partner. Image stabilization is an essential factor for any action camera, that is where quality cameras like Acaso EK 7000 come into the picture. To top it all the sharp image capturing even underwater will make your mind blow. Sharing features with the touch of a button and Wifi connection makes this camera convenient for modern-day use. You can sync your camera easily with your phone and make sharing a hassle-free experience with this one.

6. Power tire inflator 

Bike tire can deflate due to reasons such as a leak,  change in temperature, or maybe simply because of the flow of the air. Sometimes, it may leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. A power tire inflator is something that can come to your rescue in such a situation. Great inflator such as slime 40001 tire inflator takes up to 10 minutes to inflate a flat tire. It comes with a pressure detector so that you can gauze the pressure frequently. New inflators have improved drastically in their design, and portability, and can fit in the size of your palm. Therefore, you can take them anywhere you want. Easy to use and carry, a tire inflator is a must-have gear.

7. Battery charger and maintainer 

Of all the unforeseen situations during a bike ride, battery discharge is something much less anticipated. But, it comes unexpectedly and might leave you in a soup situation. If you are an avid biker, meeting up with the charging needs of your battery can prepare you for such odds. Fortunately, the entire task of charging your battery has become easy with portable chargers and maintainers. Modern battery chargers come well-equipped with technology to keep a tab on the condition of your battery, so they automatically detect low voltage and damaged battery. You can fully charge your bike in 12 hours and be all set for your journey. 

Maintaining your bike and staying up to date is important, especially if you want them to last longer and save the amount of money you spend on them. You can take advantage of these modern gear for pleasant and safe biking experience. 

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