6 Ideas For Your Wine Tasting Weekend Road trip

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With the New Year unfolding the long weekends are the most exciting part of the calendar. A simple glass of don Julio 1942, some chicken wings and catching up on some amazing TV series would be amazing. But planning how to go about enjoying these lovely weekends in a more exciting way can be a great start to this year. The enthralling experience of riding through the scenic view of gorgeous vineyards must be a good plan. And to pave way for such fabulous wine tasting road trips here are 6 amazing wine tasting regions you should include in your plans this year.

1. Chianti Wine country, Tuscany, Florence: The art and culture that soaks this region are unparalleled and the wine here is mesmerizing. In fact, taking the tour on a Vespa or KTM to enjoy the elegance of this region would be a perfect choice. The 12-century castle surrounded by vineyards and wineries is a beginning of the experience here. The wine tasting here offers a range of exquisitely crafted masterpieces that are finely created to entice you with their taste. The panoramic view of the Chianti wine country from the tower climb is an incredible experience one will never forget. Enhancing the experience you can also match the lovely bottles of wine with traditional Tuscan cuisine that unfolds to offer a meal you will cherish forever. This place is perfect to balance the enchanting view with an amazing drink in hand.

2. Barossa Valley, Australia: The mesmerizing fruity aroma of the rieslings that cover the stretches of land here is a pleasant beginning to what would be an amazing wine tasting weekend ahead. The flavors of Shiraz that are lined up in the Eden Valley is elegantly crafted to leave behind a drool-worthy flavor in every sip. This valley is located about an hour away from Adelaide and brims with families who have traditionally grown rich varieties of grapes in this region. Australia has charmed tourists for years now with its picturesque looks and unbelievable charm and Barossa valley is among one of the best destinations to sip a lovely glass of wine and soak in the flawless view. This region has the perfect balance of warm and cold climates that support the growth of a rich variety of grapes that are then fine created into a beautiful bottle of wine at the amazing wineries located here. For the authentic experience enjoy your Shiraz along with some delicacies from local eateries.

3. La Rioja, Spain: Located in northern Spain is La Rioja a village that can intrigue any wine lover with its widespread vineyards that have witnessed centuries of harvest. The place integrates the traditional winemaking practices within modern designs that result in authentic flavors of wine that gets produced here. The Ebro valley that is brimming with vineyards is located below the Cantabrian mountains is a majestic site that will entice its visitors. The vineyards of this area are a happening destination with various activities such as hot-air ballooning and horse-riding that you can enjoy apart from the outstanding wines that you get to experience here. The authentic flavors derived from the wine in this region are unique and promise to offer an amazing experience for a lovely wine tasting road trip.

6 Ideas For Your Wine Tasting Weekend Road trip

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4. Schnebly Redland`s Miami: This place offers the chance to enjoy the best of wine varieties there is to offer and is one of the best destinations for your road trip. Miami, a joyous place brimming with charm and energy has this amazing tasting room elegantly designed with great artistic sense. The entire interior is crafted beautifully with tree-like glass racks, fermentation barrel that reflect brilliant craftsmanship and the intricate murals that decorate the wall making a perfect set up for enjoying the best wine tasting experience. The vineyards of this place are also quite differently designed as a fruit only zone with Avacado, lychee, mango, passion fruit etc. You can also soak in some history about the Miami brewing company as you walk through the winemaking process.

5. Klein Constantia, Cape Town: Apart from the beauty that nature showered upon this place, Cape Town has the elegance of holding fabulous wineries. Constantia Valley is among the oldest wine estates located in the country and is an off-the-road place to experience authentic wine tasting given most of the crowd aim for the popular Groot Constantia destination. This place is located very close to Groot and offers an incredible view over the False Bay from the Constantiaberg mountains. The beau Constantia tasting room is an important experience to cherish. This tasting room gives a one of a kind experience of relishing fine wine and unparalleled scenic view in a glass box hovering above the Constantia Valley. The comfortable weather and the historic Dutch architecture that fills the place along with the unique touch of flavors through the amazing wine all make this a perfect road trip destination for your wine tasting weekend.

6 Ideas For Your Wine Tasting Weekend Road trip

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6. Santa Barbara, California: While Napa Valley might sound like the ultimate wine destination choosing the road less taken could lead you to another exotic wine destination that has some flavorsome wine to offer. Located about 90 miles from Los Angeles this place not just offers the beautiful beaches but also some high-quality wine. The smooth texture and unmatchable taste of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Syrah to enjoy while surrounded by the dramatic elegance of the vineyards here is amazing. Firestone Vineyard, Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard, Foxen Vineyard and Winery and about a 100 other wineries are located in this region. Some of these wineries also belong to Hollywood stars who share a common love for the outstanding flavors of this burgundy drink. The Celebration harvest Weekend is among the perfect time to rejoice this place for an amazing wine tasting weekend.

A road trip would be a charming choice for an amazing weekend. While the very idea of a road trip is simply perfect, to add a wine tasting weekend destination does feel complete and blissful. So for the weekends, if you would like to enjoy something other than the good old blood oath bourbon, these perfect road trips could be the way to go.


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