5 Simple tips to understand your Assignment’s Assessment Criteria

Got low grade on assignment? Didn’t pass the project? Or have failed the subject? It is very irritating when one work so hard but doesn’t get grade or appreciation. You must have seen people who scored well on their assignments and reports. So what made them score so well? What helped them in their assignments? What are the tips or techniques they follow and achieved super? To answer these entire questions, first we need to understand what actually assignment writing is? And how many types it has? And then comes how to score well in them?

But first of all! Do you know the difference between formal and informal styles?



  • Is has object
  • It is not personal writing
  • Need proper structure
  • Can not use abbreviations


  • Spoken conversation
  • It has abbreviations
  • Consist of feelings
  • Need to be short and simple.

These are some basic differences between formal and informal writing styles. A person who is writing informally may be in ease as it consists of simple steps. It is more like telling one’s own experience and sharing own views with the reader. But to write the formal style is real game changer of the writer’s career. The basics that one has to follow in formal writing consists of five main tips that are

1.      Know the rules
2.      Know the style
3.      Read the guidelines
4.      Know your instructor
5.      Win the argument

1. Do you know your rules?

Are you familiar of dos and don’ts of the formal writing? It is been well researched by assignment UK service that a writer need to have grab on the criteria of formal assignment writing. He cannot mix the formal and informal style of writing in an assignment. He needs to use proper paragraph formation, with proper words and sentences. Need to use no contractions and abbreviations like TV etc. the spelling, capitalization and tense should be perfect. One has to master this tip to move forward.

2. Know the style:

Writing can be of different styles. One has to decide what kind of style he needs. There are different kinds of assignment style which require different type of writing styles. The assignment service UK emphasized on the purpose, audience, tone and structure of the essay. These are the main thumb rules of assignment writing. Let’s explain these terms;

        i.            Purpose:

The purpose should be clear in writer’s mind. What is the objective of the writer? Why does he writing this assignment?

        ii.            Audience:

To whom the writer is addressing? What is the age group? What is the gender? Where the reader does belongs?

        iii.            Tone:

How should be the tone? Is the demand of the topic needs factual tone, analytical tone or formal tone? This can be evaluated by the type of the assignment.

        iV.            Structure:

What is the structure of the assignment? Is it a literature review or a laboratory report? In how many parts it needs to be divided.

Thus this sums up in knowing the style. When one knows exactly these questions he can win over his audience easily!

3. Know the guidelines:

A person has read the assignment guidelines but it doesn’t mean he knows them by heart. Understanding the guidelines is trickiest part of the assignment writing. The common mistake which writers do in writing the assignments are:

  •         Ignoring the format:

How can one ignore this basic rule when it does design your assignment? The format of the assignment is the key factor of it. It allows reader to evaluate your assignment in ease.

  •         Types of heading:

Some assignment requires heading which are formally entitled a writer has t be specific about them in their styling. But some give a choice of heading one can give. To make assignment attractive give eye catching headings.

  •          Grammatical Errors:

It is the most common mistake found in the assignment. There are different ways to check the grammatical error one should use them.

  •         Following the steps:

Do follow the steps of the guidelines provided be sure of writing style and referencing styles which are asked by the instructors.

Thus, with these errors one cannot win his instructor! But if you have mastered your mistakes you can head forward to next step

4. Know your instructor:

A very common mistake that a writer does is he doesn’t know his instructor or person who checks his essay or assignment. So technically he doesn’t know the audience for whom he is writing the assignment. This creates problem in examining the assignment. As when the writer doesn’t know the reader he would not be able to give him what he wants in the specific assignment. Mostly instructor needs what he had taught in the class. He needs intelligent and genuine answers not a plagiarized one.

Writer need to properly have knowledge of his instructor and work on to impress him.

5. Win the argument:

What is the purpose of one’s assignment? The main purpose of one’s assignment is to win the argument that instructor has given. Provide facts and figures if needed. Do genuine research and write plagiarism free content. In short, connect with your reader. That is the basic rule of assignment writing.

Will my assignment be approved now by my instructor?

If you have followed the above tips, surely your assignment will get approved by the instructor and readers. The writer should give a reason to reader to stay on the assignment and enjoy would not be possible if writer ignore these basic rules of assignment writing.


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