5 reason Why Rigid is gone Famous in Packaging Industry

The name itself highlights the most salient feature of Rigid boxes, yes they are rigid. They attain their rigidity from the material that is utilized for their manufacturing, which is extra durable, hard, and thick cardboard. This type of material makes them ideal not only for the storage of fragile and expensive products but also enables them to package certain heavyweight or bulky items. This multipurpose utility makes them an ideal packaging solution for retailers who are always worried about the safekeeping of their various products. These boxes provide an immaculate display to the products that they carry within themselves.

Why Rigid is First Choice?

Rigid Boxes are the only understandable and reasonable packaging solution for the packaging and display of items that scream out for a packaging that does justice to their lavish and expensive nature. These boxes have the dynamics to turn any product into a luxury item. Their extraordinary display quality distinguishes them from the rest of the packaging products displayed on retail shelves, consequently giving a major highlight to the product that they carry within themselves. Their designs and features can be customized and personalized to perfection whenever the situation calls for it. They can be printed with high-resolution prints that further enhance their visual appeal. Rigid has been described as one of the most innovative and brilliant materials for packaging products. That is because some of its characteristics are truly outstanding. Let us understand why it is revered so much in the world of packaging:


For brands, keeping their products safe is the most important concern. Similarly, customers also want their purchased items in immaculate condition. Unfortunately, there are countless factors that can harm an item, and safety is critical. There is moisture that can be deadly for many items, such as edibles. Its presence is detrimental to the safety of products. Temperature is another factor that can negatively affect the nature of items. Add to them the harmful UV rays that are constantly coming down and playing a major role in harming products. Thus, companies are always in hunt for the best materials that they can make product packaging from. They have all of the harmful factors in mind when checking materials and perform multiple tests to check their validity and effectiveness. There are many options available for packaging, but rigid has come out on top for its impeccable strength. Rigid cardboard boxes are manufactured using thicker-than-normal cardboard and special Kraft paper, which gives it its durable properties. It resembles cardboard in its appearance, but it is stronger than that. It has additional layers that provide the durability that is required for keeping products secure.


If there is something that both buyers and sellers always agree on, it is that the material used for packaging should come at reasonable prices. Only for brands to use affordable materials for packaging, but consumers also take advantage of the lower price and can buy the products they want without emptying their wallets. In the modern era, luckily, it has been made possible by the improvements in printing technologies. Any material that is affordable has an essential property: it comes from a source that is cheap too. And this is also true for rigid boxes. Their source usually is a recycled material that is treated specially to make it viable for reusability. If it is compared to other materials such as glass and metal, the difference in costs is significant.

Ecologically Sustainable

Global warming is changing how businesses are run. Every industry and sector is paying attention to the all-important idea of saving the planet and trying to play its part in alleviating the disastrous situation. With industries of all kinds, improving their practices, the printing and packaging industry has also stepped forward with practical solutions to the problem of climate change. It has introduced new materials that are better than ever in tackling the climate crisis, and rigid is one of them. First of all, it is made from recycled materials, which automatically makes it much more resource-efficient than its alternatives. Similarly, rigid packaging is popular for being reusable, which is commendable. Moreover, it is also biodegradable. The trend of biodegradability has taken hold of the packaging industry, and for a good reason. People might throw away packaging instead of reusing it. Hence, it should be ensured that if that happens, the environment does not suffer from it. Biodegradable materials like rigid are special in the sense that they do not cause excessive levels of pollution, which can clog landfills and contaminate rivers. Materials like rigid decompose on their own, making them a wonderful, modern option for packaging.


When it comes to modifications in the packaging, there are some materials that simply beat their alternatives, and rigid is one of them. Customization has become the backbone of the modern printing industry, and brands are heavily reliant upon it for the success of their products in the market. Custom rigid boxes give them a great chance of influencing consumers in multiple ways. But for customizing the packaging, its surface should be smooth and suitable. The surface of rigid is perfect for making any kind of rigid boxes Design. Whether it is printing colors, logos, fonts, or 3D graphics, the rigid surface is always up to the task. But the customization does not end at aesthetics only. It also comes handy for protection. For instance, there are some specific coatings to safeguard packaging from getting destroyed by environmental effects such as UV rays. The UV layer is multipurpose as it also helps in minimizing smudges and scratches on the surface, alongside warding off harmful UV radiations.

Malleable & Lightweight

Rigid is also popular for its malleability, which means it is suitable for making boxes of any size and shape. For manufacturers, to use a material that can be cut into flexible boxes easily is a major need because it saves them time and energy. Also, it allows manufacturing boxes of different kinds to target different markets and demographics. Different techniques are in practice to shape the box according to particular needs. In addition to this, these boxes are lightweight, which makes them an excellent choice for shipping. Shipping companies calculate cost based on the weight of shipments; hence, having lightweight shipping materials help a lot in cost reduction. Also, having lightweight packaging makes it much easier to transport and move the products around without any hassle.

Rigid has earned its place in the market as a go-to choice for many manufacturers due to its excellent properties. Its use has been on the rise for the last few years and is still on the upward trajectory. Given its efficacy, it is understandable and predictable that its usage is only going to increase in the future.

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