5 most popular Quick Service Restaurant Brands taking the world by storm

All of us are well conversant with the idea of quick-service restaurants, which emphatically emphasize the concept of instant foods. In contemporary time, all of us are hungry all the time throughout and that we cannot wait for the food to be ordered and then consumed. We need foods to be served right in front of us as soon as we are hungry. The fundamental business model of QSR thrives on our inability to bear with the feeling of being hungry clubbed together with the willingness to eat something yummy, even at a premium price. In the last decade, the world has been conquered by the global QSR brands which have become omnipresent in its true sense. As a trend, QSR has gained prominence over any other genre in the spectrum of the food industry. A fine dining restaurant in Manhattan or fine dining salt lake city could easily be toppled by the raging trend of QSR.

The journey of QSR began from the US, and later, it made its way around the world. Can we think of celebrating our birthday or reunion of friends without having a lot of pizzas or burgers to take frequent bites from? Any celebration in the office is also incomplete without it. No matter who we are, what we do, and which religion we are from, we all are united by the same thread of a strong fondness for these instant made delicacies. QSR is believed to have redefined the food habits of the entire global community and thus, led to a tectonic shift in how we perceive food and respond to the stimulus of hunger. Now, let’s try to dig deep inside the Ecosystem of the most prominent catalyst of change, the concept of QSR, to be able to understand how it was all started, the aspiration pushing them to think out of the box, the factors helping them to grow out of proportion and of course, the business model the brand is building around.

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Pizza Hut

It started its journey with a single outlet in the US and eventually, expanded itself to the entire world with a fleet of 5139 stores in 93 countries. It is believed to be the largest pizza delivering service with a wide network of more than five thousand outlets, and the number is still counting. It popularized the concept of pizza to such an extent that pizza, instead of being an indigenous American food elevated to the magnitude of a global phenomenon which the global community has lapped up to a great extent and made it into an integral part of their lives.


It is the second-largest pizza delivery chain in the world. It is known for its effective logistic framework involving both manpower and vehicular supports which guarantees delivery of pizza at the doorstep within 30 minutes of an order is being placed. Any violation of it will let the pizza getting sold for free. Super Bowl Sunday is a promotional trick intended to capture the attention of general mass by offering pizza at a discounted price. Super Bowl Sunday usually keeps all the outlets on their toes as they deliver millions of pizza every Sunday.

Burger King

This brand right from its inception has tried to carve out a niche for itself going by virtue of developing new product line led by innovation and instinct. It maintains a global chain of hamburger and sandwiches with a strong presence through more than 13000 outlets in more than 79 countries. Every day, around 1 million people visit Burger King outlets across the world with hunger in their belly. Whopper Sandwich is the most popular product that they sell, and it accounts for almost 42% of their total revenue.


It is considered to be the oldest and the largest fast-food chain in the world. It is the brand which pioneered the concept of QSR and showed the world how to mint money out of selling stuff like burgers and french fries. It successfully managed to create a feasible business model and transformed the idea of QSR into a fast-growing and viable business proposition which was later picked up by so many others following the footprint of McDonald’s. The ace product that it introduced to the world is the hamburger, which is made from beef. The success of this brand probably lies in its ability to customize its product line in tune with the local taste and preferences. When it made a foray into Indian sub-continent, it launched an item called Aalo Tikki, a potato patty dish, made apprehending the religious reservation of Indians towards beef. It takes mighty pride of maintaining a fleet of 35000 of outlets across 119 countries, and as we are discussing its journey, the number is probably counting.


Kentucky Fried Chicken popularly known as KFC, is noted for its unique recipe for making the most coveted and delicious fried chicken, which all of us have fallen in love with. However, it did not yet have divulged the secret ingredients what makes the chicken so tasty. It is probably this unsolved mystery that propels KFC to claim to have become the fastest growing QSR brand.

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