5 Investment Opportunities in India You Can Devote Your Business Loan to

India is doing so well right now in terms of availing financial services to the people.

Financial institutions have put money in the faces of the people.

If you have a good credit score, have proof of income and have an aadhar card, you can get a business loan, personal loan or even an aadhar card loan in as less as 24hrs.

There are lots of people who are well documented and are in a position to get a good loan but have no idea how to use the money.

Here are 5 investment opportunities you won’t go wrong with in India.


Online service based business

The demand for content both in India and around the World is booming than ever before. There are 600 million websites running on the internet right now. They all need content and need to be marketed.

There are so many online businesses you can earn a fortune from. Some of them are SEO services business, content marketing company, a blog, and many others.

There are Indian bloggers making $200,000 or more each year.

The good news about these businesses is that you don’t need to invest much money to start.

Here is what you need to start. You need a good website that is well designed, navigational and SEO optimized.

You need to learn about the business you want to start. You can take an online course to learn.

Most of the online courses cost around $100-$500. Some go to as high as $1000 but are totally worth it and will usually need 1 month or at most 2 months and you are ready to roll.


Drop shipping

We can’t thank enough the Indian movie industry for its role in spreading and planting Indian culture into people’s hearts around the world.

I’ve seen drop shipping businesses dealing in Indian traditional wear, jewellery, spices, and many other authentic products thriving.

Speaking of spices, many Indians living in the west would gladly buy powdered spices shipped to their homes.

The beauty of a drop shipping business is that you can work from your house and market your business online and then head out only when you need to ship products to customers.



You can never go wrong selling jewellery in India.

India produces 100 tons of gold per annum and is best known for exporting indigenous made gold jewellery.

There are lots of Chinese made ingenuine Jewellery on the market but if you don’t fall for that and focus on selling authentic gold jewellery, also silver and other jewellery pieces, you can make good money.

You can do this business both by running a shop in a busy or high-end area and by drop shipping.

You might make more money exporting especially to Europe and US. If you export to jewellery shops, you will have repeat customers.

It’s even better if you place your shop in West Bengal or Mumbai. These two cities are the biggest manufactures of jewellery, especially gold jewellery.

Running a shop there helps you cut transportation costs.


Franchise a reputable company

Franchising is an amazing way to invest. That’s if you do your market research and confirm that there is demand for the service you want to deal in that area.

Customers of the franchised company spread the news of your location by word of mouth.

Automotive businesses are doing well in India with several franchises around the Country.

Recently, Mahindra group announced that they were giving out dealerships in certain parts of India

Pharmacies, restaurants, cloth brands and several other global and local brands offer a lucrative franchise opportunity that can develop your loan and earn you good returns.


Meat and spice processing

meat process business

Did you know that even though many Indians are vegetarians, India is a top meat processor? Well, not even 20% of the Indian meat processing industry has been tapped.

This means that it is so much you can invest in. Let’s do simple maths to see what potential returns you can get if you venture into this business.

On the streets, unprocessed chicken costs INR 150 but after processing, it goes for INR 800 or more. Isn’t that a high interest?

What if you export it, how much more will you make?


Author Bio

Author Bio

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