5 Best Apps to get an Error-Free Writing!

Assignments, something we as students are all familiar with. It comes off as no surprise that at some point or the other, we tend to face a variety of issues mainly because we are not able to score that A+!

The main issue which continues to bugs the students is that their teachers are just not satisfied with the assignments that they submit, and then the students are not able to score well.

“I have been trying so hard to get it right, but somehow my teacher is just not pleased with whatever I am turning in!”

Ever found yourself screaming this thought in your head? Relax. Assignments are an ordeal that nearly every other student has to go through. Otherwise, how would our teachers test us? They need to test our aptitude and made sure that we are paying close attention to whatever they are saying.

Time To Go Digital For Completing Your Assignments

It is the 21st century my friends and we are blessed with the internet and its bounty which helps us in solving a lot of problems. Not able to understand a particular address? Google it. Want to stream a movie? Google it. Computer not booting up properly? Google it.

Does it not make sense that we should make proper use of the internet to wash away our assignment related woes? No I am not referring to seeking assistance from assignment writing services, I am talking about using applications and software through which you can render your assignment error-free!

As a student, I remember facing the following problems whenever I had to complete my assignments:

  • Used to feel confused in carrying out authentic research
  • Had trouble in understanding the structure of the assignments
  • Was not able to format my assignments in the way my teachers wanted
  • Faced issues in citing the references in the recommended style

Do you find yourself facing the same kind of problems? Is your head nodding yes? Well worry no more.

Thanks to a bunch of empathic computer wizards out there, we are bestowed with some free applications and software online, which can readily help us in completing our assignments with a touch of immaculateness like never before! We can avail assistance for all kinds of assignments whether it is HND assignments help online, or our regular university assignment.

Here we have outlined a list of the 5 best applications that you as a student can use, to get the error-free assignment that you want:


Mendeley is an excellent tool which is free of cost and is used for research purposes. The software also has plenty of researchers available from whom you can take from and even helps out students by providing some guidance on generating references, citations and bibliographies in all kinds of referencing styles. It is available as a desktop app on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as an Android and an iPhone app.

The best part is that it allows import of documents as well as research papers from other websites including Google Scholar, PubMed etc. You can view your documents via the PDF viewer as well, and backup and sync your data through your private account as well. Students usually conduct their researches from Google Scholar, but this tool is itself outstanding if you wish to carry out your research entirely from it as well.

It is available in both free as well as premium form; however, you will need to register on either of the versions.


Grammarly, as the name suggests is perhaps the best tool available online for making sure that your work is perfect in terms of writing and grammar, and even offers a plagiarism detection tool in the premium version. You just need to create your free online account, and you can access free tools related to grammar.

Grammarly has a basic free version, as well as a premium version available in annual or monthly subscription payments.

Grammarly is available as both a desktop app, as an iOS and an Android app, and as a browser extension for multiple browsers. As a browser extension, it can help you in making day to day small corrections in your other work as well, such as if you are typing an email. It allows support for Google Docs as well, so you can check grammar or writing errors in any kind of online documents that you are working on.


Have you ever lost a note while doing your assignments and found yourself amidst a lot of confusion? Evernote is application software which can help you in taking and organizing notes, task lists and archiving your notes as well. The application is available on iOS, Android, Windows as well as Max, and is available as free software, with usage limits on a monthly basis, and is also available in the paid version with expanded usage limits.

You can create notes out of formatted text or web pages or images, audio notes or even handwritten notes. You can attach files with your notes as well which can be sorted for your ease and exported and edited as well.

Plagiarism Checker

What can be worse than your teacher finding out that you have copy pasted material from somewhere else?

Plagiarism is something which teachers are just not willing to put up with, so instead of putting yourself at risk, check for even 1% plagiarism that may be present in your assignment. It does not mean that the student has deliberately plagiarised the content, it can happen accidentally as well, but how should you persuade your teachers?

You can readily then edit your assignment to render it free of plagiarism, and save yourself from possible humiliation!


If you are a student who faces issues in referencing, citethisforme.com is for you. You can browse through the plethora of referencing styles available on the site, and readily generate your citation without any hindrance. A lot of students, who are though brilliant at writing assignments and carrying out researches, still tend to be drawn against problems when completing their bibliographies portion.

But citation is a problem no more when you have this online resource with you. You can simply choose from the website or journal icon, enter your URL or journal name, and choose your referencing style and voila! You can get your citation fresh and ripe for using.

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