5 Beach Outfit Ideas Inspired by Fashion It Girls

Almost everybody loves summer, so it’s expected to see many people booking vacations and getting their beach body ready. Still, the beach body is only one aspect of the whole summer experience, another one is having fun and looking stylish even while lounging on the beach. If you don’t know where to start, look no further by fashion It girls who are showcasing the most anticipated summer trends. So, here are five best beach outfit ideas that you can try this summer:

1. Flowy maxi dress and a beaded bag

If you don’t feel like getting into the bathing suit straight away, you can take a walk along the sea in a breezy long dress while clutching your favorite embellished bag. This type of outfit isn’t only breathable and light, but also elegant and classy. You can wear it to the beach, or use it as your go-to outfit for lunch in the cafe by the sea. With this choice of outfit, you’ll be neither overdressed nor underdressed, because it’s exactly what you need for a hot, summer vacation. If you feel like adding some accessories to the mix, you can wear your fave minimalist jewelry and an elegant pair of sunglasses.

2. One piece swimsuit, denim shorts, and a kimono

One piece swimsuits are great because they can be used as bodysuits when paired with shorts. Add kimono and you have the perfect outfit for an evening stroll on the beach. Celebrities like Lily Collins and Chrissy Teigen love this outfit, so you can use them as your style inspiration. These type of clothes are great because they can be laid back and elegant, depending on the shoes and accessories. If you decide to wear heels, you can even go to a nightclub, and in case you prefer casual outings, feel free to wear sliders or sandals and a cute tote bag.

3. Boho beach outfit

Nothing screams summer, free spirit and causal beach mood like boho style. What’s even better, boho beach outfit is very simple, you just need your favorite bathing suit and a light piece of large scarf that you’ll use to cover yourself. If you wish, wearing a floral beach kimono is also great. Basically, aim for any hippie-like pattern, so if you like Indian-themed patterns, you should know they’re also a great choice. Match that with flip-flops and round sunglasses, play some 1960s summer bops on your iPod, and you’re ready for your own summer of love!

4. Crochet dress

Crochet dresses are an excellent choice for summer days, when you want to look stylish but don’t feel like dressing up. They are elegant but also very casual which makes them the ultimate summer wear, when days are hot and people are more concerned with their own comfort. You can wear a dress over your high-waisted bikini on the way to the beach or even after the sunset while you’re dining at the beach side restaurant. If you choose the right model, you’ll end up looking classy, just remember to wear the proper sandals or shoes so you won’t come across as overdressed. The point of crochet clothes is to give you an aura of laidbackness and style all at once! If you’re not sure, just ask celebrity fashionistas Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller, and about every girl at Coachella — they all love crochet outfits!

5. Bikini top and denim skirt

This outfit is for those who prefer showing off their tanned arms, shoulders, torso, and legs. This look may not be the most appropriate for a quick meal at the restaurant, but it can let you tan while still being dressed. Also, wearing a bikini top with a skirt can let you walk on the beach during the sunset, especially without many people around, so you can catch the last remaining sunrays before the sun sets. The denim skirt is a good fit as it looks pretty without being too elegant, and if you feel like covering yourself, you can get a kimono, a simple tee or a light robe.


In the end, beach outfits are there to make you feel comfortable and chich without taking too much of your time. Remember that your outfit should always reflect your mood and personality so use fashion It girls as a source of inspiration, without blatantly copying them. These ideas can get you started and the more experiment with various styles and clothes, the more you’ll have a chance to find your unique beach outfit!

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