5 Amazing Tarot Card Reading Apps for Android

We all look for guidance in life which may helps us to grow and achieve success. In this post, I have rounded up the 5 amazing tarot apps which are the best on advice for all your life concerns.

Almost all of us want to know what the future holds for us. For this, we either visit the best astrologer, or psychic reader and pay them a handsome amount. Indeed, there’s a price for everything, and when it is related to our future, then we don’t mind paying. But when you can get accurate future predictions on the go for free then why do you need to pay?
Surprised! How is this possible?

Don’t be. It’s true. After extensive research and expertise, here we enlist five amazing Tarot apps that you may use for divine guidance. These are the best Tarot card reading apps in the world of fortune-telling and can be used anytime, anywhere and largely for free.

We understand that even if it’s exciting, you must be having specific questions in mind like:

  • Why should you use Tarot apps?
  • How are Tarot apps better than Tarot cards?
  • How can you trust these Tarot apps? And many more similar ones.

Worry not!  We’ve got it all covered.

Let’s begin with the basics.

Tarot knocks into your intuition. Those of you who want to interpret the future and are looking for reliable resources, then Tarot is for you.

Why Should You Use Tarot Apps?

In the busy life schedule, you may not know when you will feel the need for guidance and have to make big decisions. You would always require Tarot advice spread that may share the insight to as per your concern. But due to tarot deck sacredness, you cannot whip Tarot card anytime anywhere. That’s how Tarot apps come into the picture!

Tarot app allows you to explore different decks, enhances your learning, and does not require additional space and give you insights on every aspect in just one click. The advantages of tarot card reading apps are numerous. Let’s take a look:

Advantages of using Tarot Apps


  • Get a clear idea of any situation instantly.
  • A great, easy and simple way to become acquainted with the cards.
  • Use Tarot secretly without telling others what you are doing.
  • Try different packs before you buy.
  • Learn details about different tarot advice spreads, symbols, and features.
  • Perfect for those who don’t want to spend money but want to get an idea about what’s happening and what will happen.
  • A more private and confidential way to know about your future.

However, getting all these qualities with a free tarot app might be difficult.  You need to choose carefully from the dozens of tarot apps available on app stores.


That’s why we’ve narrowed down your search and bucket listed 5 amazing tarot apps for insightful free predictions.


How Are Tarot Apps Better Than Tarot Cards?


Here are specific reasons that make Tarot apps better than Tarot cards:

  • Tarot apps read your Tarot for you. So, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to put in much effort in understanding or reading Tarot cards.
  • You can secretly become an expert by learning through the Tarot app.
  • Tarot apps are handy for an occasional impromptu reading. Moreover, carrying them is no hassle, no need to worry about bending of cards, shuffling them, laying them, and more.
  • Unlike Tarot cards, Tarot apps are easy to access, convenient to use. They can be used on the go. Further, you can look at different cards, while asking a question when using the Tarot app, you don’t need to be timid. You can ask any question anytime, anywhere in just a tap.

Now, let’s take a look at the best tarot apps you can use for instant advice.


5 Best Tarot Apps You Can Use On The Go

Let’s face it when all the apps out there are boasting to be World’s #1 Tarot App, finding the right app could be puzzling. To help you cross the Wiley world of tarot apps, here are five best Tarot card reading apps that an Android, and iOS user should try using.

These Tarot apps are the best way for future predictions. With these free Tarot card reading apps you may seek guidance and will get insights about your job, relationships, career, and many more.

Tarot Life: 1. Tarot Life:

First on our list of 5 best Tarot card reading apps is Tarot Life. It is the best predicting app, and I use it personally. This app not only reads Tarot for you but also predicts future based on Numerology.

This app is designed for all the users who want to learn and enhance their knowledge about tarot cards. It is available for Free download on Android and iOS. The application is known for its most accurate and insightful analysis of tarot cards.

It is a complete and easy to use app that allows you to get in-depth insight on various aspects of your life. Be it your love life, relationships, career, finance, daily insight, or anything, the app will give you the most accurate guidance

To use this app, Tap on Tarot (if want a Tarot reading), select the category (Love, Career, Finance, Daily) and think of the question (it should be precise and clear) and then pick cards.  

The reason Tarot Life stands out on the top is the bunch of features which is not in any other Tarot card apps. The list of its features is vast and amazing. If you are looking for divine guidance, this is the best app you can look for.

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 Galaxy Tarot2. Galaxy Tarot:

Another free Tarot card reading app that uses the power of 78 cards to take you to the cosmic journey. After using this app, you will get a crystal-clear idea about what you want and what you should do.Galaxy Tarot allows you to focus on what concerns you more and will help you to search the peace of mind with its insightful guidance.


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Tarot Card Reading3. Tarot Card Reading:

A daily horoscope app that will help you get rid of all confusions with the help of Tarot cards. This amazing Tarot reading app will predict your future and will provide you with the meaning for all tarot advice spread. Unlike other apps, Tarot Card Reading app focuses mainly on predicting love relationship like breakups, dating, finding love, etc. In addition to this, Tarot reading will tell you how your year is going to be and will give you monthly readings too.


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Tarot Reading4. Tarot Reading:

Fourth on our list of 5 fantastic tarot apps is Tarot reading. It is the best Tarot reading app for one and three cards tarot reading. With this app, you can get to know about your daily horoscope and discover many hidden possibilities about your love life.


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Angel Tarot5. Angel Tarot:

This app gives the feeling of an angel’s presence amongst us. It consists of a deck of 32 beautiful cards designed to provide accurate results and detailed interpretations. Angel Tarot offers a variety of tarot advice spreads and gives answers for various situations you are stuck in.


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Since, everyone has a smartphone today, the assistance of a well-designed Tarot reading app can bring significant changes in your life.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article and will give these apps a try. I recommend you to download Tarot Life as it is the most excellent app as per user experience. You can get an accurate idea about how to steer your life in the right direction

So, what are you waiting for?  Get guidance now!

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