Tungsten Wedding Bands- Perfect for Wedding Bands for Men

Tungsten Wedding Bands- Perfect for Wedding Bands for Men
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Boring and plain wedding bands for men are now becoming past. A few years back, the men’s wedding bands were offered in very limited design options. It was very hard to find something different. But the time has changed, and today you can easily find a lot of options. The options are getting very interesting, as well as amazing. Different type of stones, metals, and engraving provides you with the freedom to choose a wedding band which will match your style and preferences.

Are you looking for a stylish wedding ring? If yes, then go for the fantastic tungsten wedding rings for men. This is the newest metals in the wedding jewelry industry. The color of this metal is generally gray or gunmetal gray. However, the rings can be plated in different metals. For example, gold and silver.

The demand for these rings is proliferating. The reason behind this is the rings are quite durable and come with lower price tags. This is much harder than steel, silver, and gold. The material is bend proof and scratch proof. So, if you want to buy a wedding ring that can run for a long time, then black tungsten men rings will be the best option for you.

Understanding the advantages of tungsten wedding rings

  1. It has been proved that the material is highly scratch resistant metal and that’s why most men prefer to use the rings.
  2. Besides, the rings are quite affordable and come with a perfect level of weight, just like platinum and gold.
  3. In case of situations like medical emergency, black tungsten men rings can be easily removed from the fingers.
  4. It doesn’t bend out of shape. The reason behind this is its hardness. So, in any accidents, the ring will not break.
  5. Another great advantage of the ring is it is completely hypoallergenic. So, if you have allergies to other metal, you can use tungsten metal made jewelry.
  6. The rings are available in different designs, colors, and styles.

These are some of the significant advantages of tungsten wedding bands. Now let’s have a look into how to buy a perfect tungsten ring.

Tips for buying the right tungsten wedding ring

  • When purchasing a tungsten ring, there are some factors that you need to consider. The first thing is the wedding ring for women come in 5mm to 6mm size. But the tungsten wedding rings for men come with a size of 6mm to 10mm. As the metal is little heavy, for better comfort fit, go for a thick ring.
  • Like other rings, tungsten rings can come in different designs, such as faceted, domed, concave, and beveled. Besides, you can also find some unique designs. Furthermore, you can go for a customized tungsten ring. But choose it as per your preference and budget.
  • Another essential factor to consider while buying a tungsten wedding ring is the makeup of the ring. Some rings claim to be tungsten rings may be tungsten processed with cobalt. Remember that cobalt is not suitable for the skin. The metal can develop various skin issues. Besides, the ring made of this metal will not be adequately scratch resistance and durable.

So, always buy a ring which has a nickel. But how to know if the ring has cobalt or not? Well, check the price of the rings. Cobalt made rings are quite cheaper. The original tungsten ring will cost you about the same price as platinum or gold rings. The black tungsten men ring having nickel metal can cost you little more. But such rung will last for a long time. But the cobalt made ring will hardly last for one to two years.

  • Always prefer to buy the rings form reputed online stores if you purchase them online so that you can enjoy great discounts and easy return policy.

To recap on how to choose the best one, tungsten wedding rings for men are scratch resistant and durable. Choose your style and width of the tungsten ring. Besides, don’t forget to check the size. Go for a pure tungsten ring instead of cobalt. Keep these things in your mind, and you can buy a perfect ring for your wedding.

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