Travel Safety Tips for Senior Women

Travel Safety Tips for Senior Women
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When traveling alone, many things can occur that you might not expect. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of crimes committed against senior women such as robberies and murders during recent years. That’s why you should take every possible safety precaution before traveling. Even a trip to the grocery store shouldn’t be taken lightly in today’s world!

Women travel safety tips
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Below are some helpful tips to keep safe while travelling, whether near home or abroad.

Local Errands

While doing your local errands such as buying groceries or paying bills, you should still take safety measures to stay one step ahead of criminals. The person with a criminal mind might watch you leave your home (alone), get into your car and drive somewhere. You’ll never know you were being watched. That’s why you should be prepared at all times and never let your guard down always keep best backpacking knives in your bag.

A few ways to stay safe in your local area:

  • Ask someone to ride with you.
  • Carry blinding spray or some other form of protection with you.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Ask the grocery store clerk to carry your groceries out to your car after shopping.
  • Avoid going to ATM machines late at night.

Traveling by Airplane

If you’re planning a flight, whether for vacation or to visit family, travel with someone if possible. If that’s not possible, make sure your family knows exactly where and what time to pick you up when you arrive. The last thing you want is to stand around alone at an airport looking lonely. Plan everything carefully before leaving.

Taking a Cruise

Many seniors are taking cruises with “senior cruise packages,” either with a spouse or friend. It’s not wise to go alone. Not only will you be on a ship with masses of people, but the ship will probably stop at least once or twice for passengers to go off-board and tour the area. Whether you’re going to Alaska or the Bahamas, you’ll need to be prepared for the different culture and people you’ll encounter. Having a vacation buddy removes much of this pressure.

Long Road Trips

When traveling by road, you’ll encounter many stops along the way at service stations, restaurants, rest stops, etc. Once again, the best way to stay safe is to avoid traveling alone. Take a cellular phone with you and keep it nearby at all times when leaving your car for any reason. Even if your phone is out of area, you might be able to use the “911” feature. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t stop anywhere if you have doubts.

Traveling by Bus

Bus tours are also very popular among seniors. Your local bus tour service probably offers senior travel packages throughout the year. This can actually be safer than traveling alone by car, but it’s still better if you can take someone with you. Keep your bus’ schedule at hand so you won’t get left at any stops. Stay with the group at stops if possible.

Following these simple safety tips will help protect you from many possible dangers. Traveling can be both fun and safe for seniors if you keep safety in mind.

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