Mobile PUBG and PC PUBG: What’s The Difference?

Mobile PUBG and PC PUBG: What’s The Difference?
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Millions of gamers have provided their attention towards PUBG Play Unknown Battle Ground multiplayer online battle Royale game. Because of the PUBG game, the competition of gaming in the market has been increasing and also wanted new technology update in gaming.  Currently, thousands of gamers are playing PUBG game in a different part of the world but when someone asked them to joint from their Android to PC which is not possible. So there are many different points which make PUBG Mobile apk has much difference from PUBG Lite (PC PUBG) and I am discussing some of them to give you a clear idea of this gaming platform.

It is true that Tencent has developed both PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile version, but the configuration is very much different from each other, including the size and graphic of image. So check out some of the important difference between Mobile PUBG and PC PUBG.

Note: If you have played both versions only then you will get the accurate idea of how much difference is available in them.

1#. If we talk about the designing of game interior the rooms have the limitation in the door in PUBG Mobile PC while there is an additional wall & doors are available inside the houses in PC PUBG.

2#. If you have played both version of PUBG game then you has notice the different look of image, which is quite clear in which shows the variation of true colors in both PUBG version screen. There is a low graphic running in PUBG Mobile Lite while the graphic in PUBG PC is high which provide the smooth gameplay experience. It is quite fascinating to play a game on pc instead on small mobile display where 480p does not compare with the 720p/1080p large display of PC PUBG.

3#. As per the storage size of the game, setup is different where PUBG mobile version is 1.5GB maximum and PUBG PC is 19GB game setup which exceeds with the updates.

4#. The training camp is big in PUBG PC as compared to PUBG Mobile Lite, in this camp, a gamer is allowed to improve their PUBG gaming skills.

5#. As we know that the screen size of PUBG PC is high but still there is no footprint available in it. For PUBG Mobile Lite gamer are getting this benefit.

6#. There are more bots in PUBG MOBILE LITE as compare to PUBG PC.

7#. PUBG Recoil control for guns like AKM, M416, DP-28, etc can be easily operated in PUBG Mobile Lite, while it is not easily controlled in PUBG PC.

Is PUBG on PC costing?

PUBG, on the other hand, on Steam or Xbox Live presently costs $29.99. If what PUBG Corp. really tells us is that we can play a full version of PUBG on our devices, it’s hard to argue that players should spend $29.99 on console or PC to play.

You can’t play against/with a friend with PUBG Mobile and you’ve got PUBG PC. PUBG PC is the game’s primary, initial version and is paid for. You can get it on Steam PLAYERUNKNOWN ‘S BATTLEGROUNDS for $29.99. There are some differences in the PC version of PUBG and the latest mobile version (1.6 GB). The variations are in terms of game design and graphics. Being a fan of PUBG, one should look at the top fundamental distinctions in the game between two variants of the game.

Final Words:

In this article I discuss the PUBG two versions for Mobile and PC, I indicate the real difference between them and allow the user to judge which version is the best and comfortable to play. If you think any of one is the best way to play the game or also want to share your experience then use the comment section. Also, do not forget to share this gaming information to your friends & family.

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