Make a Brand Statement with a Custom Mascara Box

Make a Brand Statement with a Custom Mascara Box
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A product that every girl or woman carries with her everywhere is a mascara. Whether you wish to create a light makeup or a heavy one, mascara is an absolute essential. A general beauty rule that passes down from generations among women is to never walk out the home without mascara. A common phrase goes “Inner beauty is awesome, but a little mascara will never hurt!” So if you want to leave your home with a simple look, you need mascara and lip gloss!

So, it’s safe to say that mascara is an essential beauty product women can own. Mascara products are many today. You can find them in colored forms, black waterproof, curling, bold and you name it! The same way, you will find many packaging boxes available for these products. Yes, your mascara product will be incomplete without an attractive mascara box! These serve several benefits, including protection, easy to carry, brand recognition, and better sales.

Here’s how a custom mascara box will make a brand statement.

Your Brand Highlighted

No matter the kind of mascara you choose, good packaging will boost likability. For a beauty product, packaging is the key to success. The box has to showcase the mascara it holds, with legible labeling, proper detailing, ingredients listed, expiry date mentioned clearly, and brand highlighted. This should grab the attention of onlookers and help to make a brand statement.

Recyclable and Easy to Handle

With custom mascara packaging, you get many plus points. These include customer friendly, recyclable, easy to handle, and easy to open. These days, you will come across several packaging and printing companies, but The Legacy Printing is a name you can trust. They offer several designs for custom mascara boxes, allowing you to choose from the best options available for you.

Target the Right Audience

When you have a custom mascara packaging box, it should reflect the customers you are targeting. If the mascara product is for the younger generation, go for a chic box. This means one that has good colors. Colors play a major role when it comes to grabbing the attention of women, so choose wisely. For a classy touch, you can also go for metallic colors.

The Colors Should Reflect the Product

Since colored mascara is now a famous trend, the packaging should also reflect the color it contains. For example, a black mascara should have a black mascara box, purple should have purple, brown for brown and so on. This will make it convenient for your customers to track the collection and choose the best color that suits them. Another leading trend is to make the boxes appear completely metallic. This should give them an edgier feel and transform the quality of packaging. You should ask the packaging company to complement the metallic color with a glossy finish. Doing so will make it appear glamorous.

Go for Custom Mascara Boxes Based on Seasons

You may also choose the packaging keeping holiday season in mind, have summer or winter editions, and special gift mascara packaging boxes. For gift packaging and holiday season, choose a glossy finish with catchy colors. This would surely be a big hit. Go for minimalist designs as well, to add an alluring touch to your products. Based on seasons, you can go for different color schemes, either brighter shades for summer and dull for winter.

A good mascara box should stand out from others. You should opt for customizable boxes, rather than standard options like rectangular boxes. This will not only make a brand statement but add an extra appeal to the product. In return, your mascara products will become fashion must-haves!

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