Apply These Nine Techniques in Your Essay and You’re Good to Go!

Apply These Nine Techniques in Your Essay and You’re Good to Go!
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Essay writing can be challenging, especially if you have to churn out several essays within weeks to keep up your grades. Not every student has the impeccable writing skills, the relevant information or the motivation to write top-notch essays every time they turn in their papers.

No wonder, informative essay writing service are thriving on the internet!

But if you are someone who is genuinely looking to excel at writing excellent essays, here are nine techniques that will surely help you get the grade you desire!

Show, Don’t Tell

Students resorting to narrative essay writing service usually have had problems with illustrating scenarios in words. There narrative essays ended up being a monotonous account of an incident instead of an adventurous reading experience. For example, instead of saying:

“Beth was terrified because she was having the same nightmares again.”

“Beth woke up trembling. A cold sweat broke out on her face as she tried to gather her wits together – the vicious nightmares were back to haunt her again.

Practice Using Proper Grammar and Punctuation

One of the reasons why students fail to intellectually convey their ideas is because of poor grammar and punctuation. Make sure that the reader does not need to go through your text several times to understand what is written. You can simple do this by:

  • Breaking down your paragraphs into short sentences.
  • Using hyphens and semicolons for longer sentences.
  • Using hyphens and semicolons for longer sentences.


Avoid Writing in Passive Voice

You may think that writing essays in passive voice is creative, but it can be rather agonizing for the reader. Take the following as examples:

Passive Voice Active Voice

  • The team trained by Coach Francis was undefinable.
  • Your essays can be massively impacted by your writing style.

Active Voice

  • Coach Francis trained his team to become undefinable.
  • Your writing style can have a huge impact on your essays.

Hence, the more you avoid writing in passive voice, the less complicated your expression will be.

Work with Figurative Language

Using figurative language like similes, hyperbole, metaphors, personification, antonym and synesthetic can intellectually elevate your writing and form of expression. These particularly prove to increase your probability of scoring admissions in top ranked universities. Since, they reflect your literary background. A good command on figurative speech comes with extensive reading. Hence, they are used by many experienced writers providing scholarship essay writing service.

Thoroughly Research Your Topic Before You Begin

Students tend to make the mistake of jumping off to writing and then researching. But conducting an extensive research prior to writing can give you the clarity and understanding to compose a though-provoking piece of writing.

Stick to an Outline and Essay Structure

This technique can be a huge life saver! It will not only serve as a framework for your essays, but will also save time on how to go about them. Once, you have figured out an outline that works well for you, you can continue modifying it according to your needs. Here, is one suggested by UNSW, Sydney (

Write the First Draft without Thinking Too Much

We tend to be very over cynical of our work – even after years of experience and bagging good grades. This can really hamper the writing process – and exacerbates the anxiety that comes with working on a tight deadline. Hence, the saying ‘write drunk, edit sober,” by Ernest Hemingway can be your go-to mantra.

Use Suitable Vocabulary

The idea of using advanced English in your essays is not restricted to using fancy words and colloquial language. Instead using suitable vocabulary means using lesser words to describe something. For example, instead of saying:

“The financial situation of the already poor household will keep on declining if they take more loans.”


“The financial situation of the under-privileged household will be exacerbated by additional loans.”

This way you will be delivering an idea in a more concise and sophisticated manner.

Provide Evidence for Each Argument

A good easy is one that is based on facts. This will require extensive research. But you must be very mindful of writing statements that cannot be challenged by your teachers. One of the reasons why students end up scoring poorly in their exams is because of sloppy research.

In conclusion, writing a good essay by implementing the above mentioned techniques comes with time and practice. If you are really devoted to improving your essay writing skills, you must extensive read and research about your subject. Try to reproduce the writing styles of your favorite writers until you can master them and come up with your own unique style.

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