Why Signing NDA is an Important Spect of Mobile App Development?

Why Signing NDA is an Important Spect of Mobile App Development?
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Protecting intellectual property is a common practice in the software industry. However, things are different in the development of mobile apps. This is a much more critical application idea that code. Before you talk to someone about application thinking, you hear terrible words like “please send me NDA.” Before we discuss further how to protect the intellectual property of the app, let us first understand what the NDA is.

What is NDA?

NDA means “non-disclosure agreement.” The fundamental problem with the NDA is that people do not know what to do when they sign the NDA.


NDA is a contractual agreement which states that both parties involved will work to protect the confidentiality of the information and         no matter what the complications are ,the data will not be disclosed to the third party.

According to some mobile app developers; in some cases, the NDA is ridiculous because of the app idea is their imagination. They have nothing to do with the business app, wireframes, design, investors, or mobile app. The idea is limited to 2-3 sentences.

What does the NDA accomplish?

According to the Mobile App Development Company, the NDA has signed on to protect the mobile app idea. But that does not prevent others from stealing the idea. Prevents the named parties from disclosing confidential information to others.

If a party contacts a mobile development company or a mobile app developer with a single app idea, they can build a mobile app for their client if they do not use any confidential information from the NDA document.

When should I sign the NDA?

If you do not provide your own NDA, be careful before signing an arbitrary NDA. You need to select a mutual NDA where both parties are recipients and disclose confidential information.

Also, do not sign NDA without term limit. Given how fast the mobile industry is moving, the appropriate time limit for the NDA should not exceed two years.

When can you sign the NDA?

If you are dealing with an established company, a reputable brand, a fund-ready startup, or any comparable company, you can go ahead and sign the NDA. The reason is that such companies do more to protect companies vs. ideas. However, the NDA must be reciprocal, and the terms of the interaction should be reasonable, and there should be no unfair terms.

You should still be cautious when signing the NDA and see if this is a good fit for both parties. Phone conversations or high-level email communication are sufficient to determine the best conditions for the NDA. If the client is very enthusiastic about the NDA, it can be a warning sign for you.

When will the NDA be an obstacle to app development?

The author’s inclination to defend application thinking and features seems logical. However, too much privacy becomes an obstacle to development work and slows down development. Some sample conditions do not prove to be a viable option when signing the NDA.

Fundraising stage

It is very risky to expose the main idea to the sponsors, but it is challenging to convince other parties to invest in what can only after agreements. Interacting with the general direction of the project, including usage and techniques, but not exposing the main features of the application at the same time, is the best way to maintain balance.

Developer hiring phase

Android and iPhone app developers need the scope of work without revealing some of the app ideas. The best way to deal with this situation is to discuss the technologies and issues that the app developer faces during development — project work.

Final Thoughts

Proper use of NDA is its timely proposal. While not abandoning the whole idea of ​​protecting the project during development, too much privacy can be detrimental.

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