Where Can I Get the Best Cochlear Implant Treatment in India?

Where Can I Get the Best Cochlear Implant Treatment in India?
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Research and technological advancement have touched many lives and has improved the standard of living with the invention of devices that can make life convenient. This kind of technical help has even touched the lives of people living with hearing deformities through the use of what is called “cochlear implants.”

A cochlear implant is a tiny, sophisticated electronic device which helps someone living with hearing disability by providing a sense of sound. This device is placed externally behind the ear with the portion of it placed under the skin through surgical operation.

These are some parts of a cochlear implant device:

  • A microphone that picks sounds produced in the surrounding.
  • A speech processor which helps in selecting and processing the speech sounds.
  • A transmitter and receiver which collects signals from the speech processor and converts them into electric impulses.
  • A group of electrodes that collects the produced impulses and sends them into the auditory nerves.
  • A cochlear implant is not a replacement to the ear or a device that restores hearing capacity but a tool that helps the patient understand the speech produced in their environment.

How a cochlear implant works

A cochlear implant does not work as a hearing aid. A hearing aid helps the patient amplify the sounds produced in their surroundings so that their damaged ears can detect them. In the case of a cochlear implant, damaged portions of the ear are bypassed, and sound produced comes directly into the auditory nerve, which is then sent into the brain. The brain then recognizes the produced sounds, process them, and helps the patient understand the meaning.

Who needs a cochlear implant?

As of December 2012, about 324,200 registered devices have been implanted all over the world. Anyone from a child to a fully grown adult who has a problem with hearing or who is deaf can qualify to have a cochlear implant. These implants are only carried out by approved best ent hospital in Delhi, that is if you intend to have your cochlear implant in Delhi.

Infants who are above 12 months can definitely have cochlear implants if they are diagnosed to have a problem with their hearing. Cochlear implants for them at such a young age will expose them to sounds during this period, which will help them develop speech and language skills. Moreso, research reveals that children who had cochlear implants earlier before 24 months and subjected to an intensive therapy have more chances of developing their language skills and this places them at par with children with normal hearing conditions.

Cochlear implants in grown adults who have lost their hearing abilities over the years can learn to associate the signals with the familiar sounds that will help them remember and also help their speech.

How are cochlear implants done?

Before a decision can be reached on implanting a cochlear device on a patient, a lengthy discussion with an experienced cochlear-implant specialist will be held. Before implantation, the procedures need to be understood clearly by the patient. The post-operation process of learning the signals and other involvement and cost has to be discussed, including the risks that come with such implants like every other surgical operation.

Where can I get the best cochlear implant treatment in India?

Getting a cochlear implant requires the expertise of professionals that can offer services with quality and affordability. Among the many best hospitals in Delhi who specializes in cochlear implants and other related issues, some hospitals have the best team who specializes in areas like Urology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Orthopedic, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT and Cochlear implant, eye, and Dental related issues with a track record that indicates excellence.

Whether you’ve contacted a specialist outside of India or you are looking for help within Delhi, make sure you check and consult with the doctors regarding your requirement before making the final choice.



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