What Are Some High-Value Cyber Security Solutions?

What Are Some High-Value Cyber Security Solutions?
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Security consulting firms can offer an ocean of knowledge in protecting your business from the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. The best IT Security Consultant in US provides an array of security consulting services to help reduce attacks and protect your business from future risks. Here is a list of some security solutions that can help in keeping your company security tight.

Vulnerability Assessments

Professional security consultants conduct vulnerability assessments to help identify and classify security gaps in your organization’s software applications, IT hardware, or other parts of the network. A vulnerability assessment identifies the spaces but will not specifically explore how the vulnerabilities are used in the event of a cyber attack.

Vulnerability assessments usually expose security gaps such as configuration mistakes such as exposing vulnerable services to the Internet, unpatched applications and operating systems, network design flaws, and weaknesses in physical security design and user awareness. While performing a vulnerability assessment, security consultants may use the same tools that potential hackers use so that they can replicate the same methods and techniques employed by a hacker.

Penetration Testing

Security consultants also use penetration tests and information from the vulnerability assessment to see how vulnerabilities in the organization’s environment can be exploited.

A professional security consultant uses penetration testing to check and scan a new system or application with potential exploits and detect how an attack would leverage those vectors. This test should be performed regularly as a security consulting services offering.

Expert security consultants perform penetration testing frequently and any time you add new infrastructure, install software, update systems, or relocate equipment.

SIEM Monitoring Systems

Monitoring your security events can provide insightful information for improving security. A  professional security consultant will recommend Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) monitoring to give your enterprise a holistic view of any planned attack or unauthorized access to your networks, devices, systems, and information. Monitoring trends, as well as ROI analysis, will help in prioritizing mitigation and remediation.

It is crucial for any organization’s security strategy to detect and report attack incidents as and when they happen. A security consultant can monitor these events using SIEM and provide useful information for security improvements and also create enhancements for your security detection process.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is an area that is usually overlooked within the range of security consulting services. It is the creation of a strategy through which the identification of threats and risks posed by unplanned events allow the company to continue its business operations.

Unforeseen events include disruptions to electrical power or networks, natural disasters, attack by a threat organization,  epidemic or pandemic, and civil unrest.

Along with a definition of roles and succession, descriptions of the business function and resiliency of various systems, and communication plans, BCP contains collections of Disaster Recovery plans for all of those systems and defines Recovery Time Objectives, Maximum Tolerable Downtime, and Recovery Point Objectives.

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training is yet another missing piece to a lot of security consulting services. A potential damaging threat to your company could be your workforce. Hence, company-wide training is one of the least utilized ways to prevent expensive security mishaps.

An expert security consultant can build a cybersecurity awareness training program that will help your employees understand the overall security policies better and also learn best practices for the organization. Cybersecurity training and security awareness training provides your organization with the right knowledge and information to handle a situation that may come up during various security vulnerability scenarios properly.

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