Treatment for Meningioma in India at Affordable Prices

Treatment for Meningioma in India at Affordable Prices
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Brian disorders involve different types which can lead to several problems in life. Meningioma is a type of cancer that can develop into membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord just inside the head. The tumour forms members in 3 different layers which known as meninges. It occurs mostly in women that causes various difficulties. The causes for meninges are not known and physicians believe that they happen due to exposure to radiation and genetic disorders that affects a person to a large extent. On the other hand, they may become malignant that can spread to other parts of the brain quickly. The meningioma treatment cost in India may vary from one hospital to another in a location and patients should evaluate them with attention for making the right decision. Another thing is that it allows patients to get more ideas about the treatment procedures in detail that can help to select the right one.

How is meningioma diagnosed?

Meningioma can lead to several symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Some of them include headaches, blurred vision, seizures, speech problems, numbness, and weakness in legs. 

It is really a difficult one to diagnose meningioma because the tumour is often slow growing. On the other hand, anyone who suspects the tumour should approach a primary care provider who will refer to a neurological specialist. 

A neurologist will conduct a medical exam along with imaging tests such as CT scan and MRI. In some cases, a patient should undergo a biopsy test in order to confirm the disorder. Moreover, a biopsy test gives ways to determine whether a tumour is malignant or benign. 

Treatment for meningioma disorder

The treatment for meningioma disorder depends on various factors such as age, size, location of the tumour, overall health, and medical exam results. Some of the treatments followed by doctors include;


Surgery is the most preferred treatment for meningioma disorder when the tumour becomes benign. A Craniotomy is a surgical procedure meant for removing brain tumour with high success rates.  A surgeon will remove a piece of bone from the brain to access the affected parts of the brain. Most surgeons usually utilize two procedures to open the skull while performing surgery. 

The primary advantage of craniotomy is that it offers solutions for meningioma tumour with the best results to witness peace of mind. Apart from that, it enables surgeons to choose the right operation for the brain tumour properly that can help to accomplish the goals in a treatment procedure.

Radiation therapy

If the brain tumour is not accessible through surgery then, physicians will recommend radiation therapy to reduce the tumour size effectively. There are different types of radiation therapy procedures followed by surgeons allowing them to experience the desired outcomes.


Chemotherapy is another procedure designed for the brain tumour that can help to control the growth of the tumour. It involves certain cycles that aim at improving the conditions of patients significantly. At the same time, the therapy may cause several side effects to a patient that can result in complications.

What is the cost of meningioma treatment in India?

There are several factors which determine the meningioma treatment cost in India and patients should know them before visiting a hospital. Some of them include:

  • Experience of a surgeon
  • Hospital location
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment type 
  • Tumour type
  • Age
  • Medical conditions 
  • Medical exams and other tests 
  • Medications 

A patient should stay 4 days inside and 8 days outside in a hospital after undergoing a treatment procedure. 

How to compare the treatment costs in India?

Several hospitals in India cover medical tourism services to international patients at the best prices enabling them to save money. Apart from that, they even offer service to local patients at affordable rates that can help to enhance the quality of life.

Anyone who wants to compare the treatment costs in India can get quotes from multiple hospitals which give ways to select services at estimated budgets. Furthermore, they can even visit medical tourism websites to gather more information about hospitals and treatment costs in detail. This will help to schedule an appointment in advance through email or phone after sending the medical reports. Besides that, it enables patients to ensure better medical services in a hospital to undergo major changes. 

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