The best covers you can buy for the Xiaomi Mi 9

The best covers you can buy for the Xiaomi Mi 9
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Undoubtedly, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of the mobiles that has impressed people the most. It has excellent features and is available at a good price. It’s a very good phone, so we do not want to be damaged at some point with any bump or scratch.

That’s why we decided to find the best cases for the Xiaomi Mi 9 and thus better protect your mobile. Even most of them have modern styles that you will surely love.

Transparent silicone cover

It is the typical transparent cover that many like. If you want to keep the rear view of your Xiaomi Mi 9 as it is, then it is the best option. Also, it does not cost much, it’s one of the cheapest you’ll find.

Simple black cover

Do not settle for the transparent cover? Quiet, there are covers of the same material that are a bit better, and also come in different colours. The truth is that it gives a formal design to the mobile, and they are excellent for those people who want something simple and resistant.

Book type case

Do you need something more practical and multipurpose? This type of cover will adapt well to your needs. Well, it has three card slots, and a case where you can keep money, or papers. Its design is very formal, is made with leather, and is resistant to falls and scratches.

Rugged case with stand and 2 screen protectors

It is one of the most resistant cases you will find. Just knowing that you have certified military-grade protection, you will understand how strong it can be. Its thick edges and polycarbonate material protect the phone from any impact.

It can withstand the strongest blows without problems. It also has support in the back to hold the mobile on a surface.

Sturdy rugged case

This is another very resistant case and with an interesting design. It can be obtained in different colours. It is as strong as the previous one, although it has no support, and its edges are a little thinner. Similarly, it continues to withstand scratches, impacts, vibrations and other types of problems.

Soft anti-slip cover

If you are looking for something modern, and simple, then you will love this case. It has one of the best minimalist designs, which makes it fashionable. It has anti-slip, and its material makes it one of the most comfortable and soft cases for the Xiaomi Mi 9.

Lightweight leather case

Leather phone cases bring a certain sense of style to your phone. This case is very good and offers an elegant design with texture on the back. These cases are soft and are made to last longer than you would have expected.

Waterproof mirror case

It is one of the most modern covers you will find, its outer shell has a reflective material that looks like a mirror, so you can see it whenever you want. It connects with the mobile, so it has a Smart Sleep / Wake Up function, which means that when the case is closed the screen turns off, and when it is opened, it turns on automatically.

Textured cover

This case has a texture in its very cool housing, it is soft, and it is quite interesting because the other cases do not have this feature. It should be noted that it is extremely comfortable, and the buttons and holes are not covered by the case, so it is easier to press them.

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