List of Wedding Gifts Ideas for Close Friends under your Budget

List of Wedding Gifts Ideas for Close Friends under your Budget
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Attending a wedding with the best set of gifts the couples will marvel at and not with a bulky envelope filled with cash, as usual, is not just applaudable but highly appreciated.

Immediately the newlyweds unwrap the wedding gifts and find out it’s a cool attractive gift, or a fancy object useful for the couples, and it will put a deep smile on their faces. When you have enough ideas about how to select wedding gifts, it makes it very convenient and helpful for doing the shopping.

Your gifts to a couple can express to them more vividly, what they are worth in your mind.

The list below is some of the wedding gift ideas that will guide you at selecting the best set of gifts that will fit into your budget and also express genuine love and respect for the newlywed.

This selection was borne out of expert experience on wedding gift ideas, so we hope you find it very helpful. You can categorize the newlyweds into any of these categories based on the relationship you have with them;

  • Colleagues: ₹500-₹800
  • Relatives: ₹900-1500
  • Family: ₹200-₹5000

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Selecting a Unique Wedding Gifts

The kind of relationship you have with the couple will really help you choose the best variety of gifts that suits the relationship and also suits their lifestyle. When shopping for a unique wedding gift, one thing is surely going to be on your mind- a gift that will amaze and remain unique to the newlywed is what you are looking out for. Not something common!

Grace and Beauty Personalised Jewellery Box

You can wow the newlywed with a Personalised Jewellery Box to place in their gold, silver or Zircon jewellery set.

Pick Classic Personalized Wine Glasses – Set of 2

A visit to any Perfico store near you will help you select from an array of Classic Personalized Wine Glasses – SET of 2 which will best suit the taste of the newlyweds. They can remember on their wedding night who bought the wine glasses with the satin ribboned wine which they popped and shared at their romantic moment.

 Colours of India Personalized Passport Holder and Cover

Presenting the couple with a pair of Personalized Passport Holder and Cover that is both affordable and perfect for both of them. As they hold the passports in their hands, they will remember you with a gracious heart.

Get a pair of All About Love Personalized Magic Mug

Buy a uniquely designed Magic Mugs with the couple’s initials or nickname branded on both. This will really impress them and also look attractive even to visitors who see the mugs on their dining table or in the kitchen.

You just need to be creative to get the unique and ideal wedding gifts for the couple at affordable prices. With the right wedding gift ideas, your name will stay on the minds of the newlyweds for quite a long time because every time they see the unique gifts, your name and face come to their minds.

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