How Much Money Do Instagram Models Make?

How Much Money Do Instagram Models Make?
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How much money can you make on Instagram

Are You Wondering: How Instagram Models Make Money? The Instagram modeling industry is changing the way it works – and the way advertising agencies work.

Instead of paying for merchandise to be placed in the middle of a television show that most people broadcast on their laptops with ad-block anyway, companies have begun to reach out to social media influencers. Instead of running traditional advertising, many people are ignoring the habit, and companies realize that consumers pay too much attention to what their favorite insta-celebs post because they value that person’s opinion.



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How do Instagram Models Make Money?

Sometimes, companies choose to pay hundreds of dollars to mention their product in a specific post. At other times, they spend thousands for multiple positions mentioned at consecutive times. When this happens, the person is being paid to talk about a particular product. They can also add a hashtag about sponsorship at the end of the post to be completely transparent with their audience.

At other times, however, the influencer’s relationship with a company is less clear. A free product such as the famous makeup brand Contour Kit or the Eyeshadow Palette can be sent to the influencer and asked for a review instead. At other times, an influencer may add it to their feed by wearing a pair of brand-name sunglasses or taking photos of a designer pocketbook.

Companies sponsor some Instagram models so they can travel to a particular destination or attend a specific event and take photos while they are there. They get paid to travel the world and take beautiful pictures of themselves.

While some may find it ridiculous that Internet celebrities are paying thousands of dollars for such (seemingly) minimal amount of work, it makes sense that our generation is switching from traditional advertising to sponsored social media posts.

Since 90% of Instagram users are under 35 and the average user spends nearly an hour scrolling through the app per day, this is the perfect place to market to Millennials and Gen X – especially since they spend too much time watching Netflix (which has no commercials). Rather than television.

21-year-old model Gabriel Epstein admitted that he was making more money by posting a single selfie than working as a regular digital model for the full week. With over 100,000 followers and 25 thousand likes on each photograph, companies pay her to endorse her products because they know that a broad audience will see the posts.

The more people have followers and the more engagement they get with each post, the more likely they are to ask companies to pay more. However, the exact contract is up to the individual, as there are no set rules.

Daniel Bernstein, a model with millions of followers, charges between five thousand and fifteen thousand dollars per post. However, other models ask companies to pay a dollar for everything they receive in addition to a payment upfront.

The best thing about Instagram modeling compared to regular digital modeling is that the agent doesn’t need to be involved. The model may negotiate on her own, which means that a percentage of her earnings will not be deducted from her and given to her agency. She can keep everything she dresses for herself. Of course, she also needs to style herself and light herself up and modify herself after the photograph is complete.


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