Has Your Child Entered Teenage? You Must Share This Knowledge with Your Child

Has Your Child Entered Teenage? You Must Share This Knowledge with Your Child
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Puberty of the child is a challenging time and a difficult thing to handle for the parents. Puberty is when your child’s body begins to transform from childhood to adulthood. The first visible change we see when puberty stage is about to start is, your child will tune to become independent. This is the time, they invite having their own social media account, mobile phone and even start thinking about dating, having sex and relationships. Now, it’s parents turn to shower them with a guiding light about puberty for a smooth transition to their adolescence period.

Role as a parent:

During puberty phase, your child will experience a lot of physical changes. Especially, as a mother, we need to take a role to educate them about the transformation they begin to face including the hormonal and physical changes they are going to face soon. When we fall under a specific role band of the mother having so close bonding with the child, it’s hard for us to roll on the words talking about the pubic hair, mensuration process, and so on. Make your kid understand that, it is a natural process which is stimulated by the hormones (chemicals that are produced by the endocrine glands) causing some bodily changes within them. So, make them comfortable by saying, every kid will go through these changes when they attain a certain stage in their lives. It is not limited to you and is common for all.

Common physical changes seen in both boys and girls:

Here is a list of a few common physical changes that can happen in boys and girls during their puberty period:

  • Pubic hair growth
  • Acne
  • Increased sweating
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Moodiness

Too much weight gain or acne is a cause of concern. It can happen due to hormonal changes, stress or other medications. Book an appointment with your doctor for medical assessment and treatment. If prescribed, order your medicines online from any online drugstore and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Physical changes in boys:

Check out a few lists of body changes that you need to make your son aware of before he hits the puberty stage:

  • Change in the body shape
  • Hair growth observed in the pubic area, chest, legs, arms, armpits and face
  • Voice change is observed and becomes deeper
  • Growth spurts start, shoulders become widen
  • Muscles become stronger
  • Increase in height and weight

As they enter the middle grades, be more attentive and shower them with proper guidance and support as this transition is new and unusual for them. Also, maintain a good relationship with your kids and protect them during the puberty phase. If you still feel you need support to convey things or he has any hormonal imbalance, book an appointment with your doctor. Buy prescription medicines online from any trusted online pharmacy store in India.

Physical changes in girls:

Your daughter will experience different bodily changes during her puberty phase. Share with her and tell her that these changes are part of her growing stage. Remind her that the puberty changes can be seen in different rates either slower or faster as compared to her friends. It all depends on the body type, hormone level and genetics.

To make your daughter aware, here, we have listed out a few physical changes that you need to speak about while she is going through her transition phase:

  • Increase in body fat
  • Breast starts to develop
  • Wider hips, thighs and bottom
  • A curvier shape
  • Hair and skin become oilier
  • First menstrual cycles begin – As a parent talk to your daughter and get her prepared for facing first periods (menarche). Tell your daughter; initially the periods may be irregular. Also, mention about the stomach cramps she may experience either before or during her periods. If she feels too severe cramps, consult a gynaecologist. She can help your daughter ease the symptom by suggesting a few exercises or by using medications. Order the prescribed medicines from any best online pharmacy store at your convenience.
  • Explain her about the hygienic part she needs to take care during her menstrual cycle. As she is away from her home, make sure she carries necessary supplies and teach her how to use pads or tampons. Also, mention your daughter that she can actively take part in sports and other activities during her periods.

Emotional changes seen in both girls and boys during puberty:

It’s quite common to see the emotional changes during their puberty. It’s often noticed through their behaviour. The journey towards dealing with emotional behaviour is not so easy. So, here we have listed out a few emotional changes that you need to take care and support your child while they are in their difficult stage:

  • Unexplained mood swings- Sometimes they may feel irritated, excited, and overly emotional or may end up in crying. These changes are caused due to hormonal imbalance. So, try to discuss with your kids and calm them down.
  • Stress
  • Aggression
  • Girls may feel more femininity
  • Girls feel too self-conscious leaving them to an insecure feeling
  • Your child may become extremely sensitive
  • Feeling loneliness
  • Peer pressure
  • Rebellion
  • Low motivation
  • Depression

If you suspect your child is depressed, seek doctor’s advice. He can suggest you with medications and treatment if required. buy medicines online from any good online medicine site and get the medicines delivered at your doorstep.

Every child experiences different emotional, physical and mental changes while entering their puberty period. It’s easy to handle the journey with your kids if you share the right knowledge about puberty with them. Of course, there are chances of hitting on rough spots but never leave your child behind! Always lend your support and help him/her to lean forward for a successful growth milestone in a healthy manner!

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