5 Ways to Control Your Kids Digital Activity | screen time control

5 Ways to Control Your Kids Digital Activity | screen time control
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In this age of screen – a world where everybody carries a tiny computer in their pockets,  it is necessary to curtail uncontrolled digital activity to increase human interactions and productivity. It is even more imperative to protect children from screen duration as they are exposed to the tech world at a very young age.

Controlling kids digital activity is something that any parent is likely to do.

Screen time control plays a prominent role that concerns a kid’s physical and mental health, academics, and most importantly, family time.

It seems impractical to keep children away from screens, but thankfully, there are several tactics that parents can adopt to minimize excessive exposure.

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5 ways to control digital activity &  screen time of kids:


  1. Your kids imitate your act:

Often, parents unknowingly perform activities on their cell phones and keep scrolling the screen the entire day. Kids, in their tween and teen years, are bound to pick and follow their parents’ footsteps. Unfortunately, they learn to sit with gadgets immediately after returning from schools or colleges.

As parents, you should lessen your virtual time online, especially in front of kids and make them understand about its pros and cons. It’s better to create healthy habits and good virtues that they carry as a shield for a lifetime.


  1. Raise awareness about the dangers of “too much screen time” :

Depending on the age and maturity of a child, communicate with them about screen time and its usage. Make your child learn the risks of too much internet usage.

Educate them about online risks such as cyberbullying and cybercrime. With this knowledge, your child may think twice before clicking on unusual websites or tempting links.

Let children know about health issues they might face in the future with over usage of digital gadgets. Ask them to indulge in other activities too, and prioritize their daily tasks to bring equilibrium in their lifestyle.


  1. Create “Tech-Free Land” and Unplug from Gadgets

It is essential to build at least one corner of your home as a tech-free area with no device around. Say, for instance, a dining space can be declared as ‘tech-free land.’ This practice encourages a child to share stories of their day and come up with innovative ideas and thoughts.

With no device around, you are creating an environment that nurtures your child with ethical values. Unplugging gadgets provides room for human interaction wherein each one can enjoy quality time.


  1. Encourage Hobbies and Engage them in other activities:

Invest your hours in developing and encouraging kids in pursuing hobbies. Pick up activities like painting, puzzles, dancing, drawing, scribbling, etc. and motivate them to take up these activities and participate with them.

Rewards, keep children on their toes to pursue interesting jobs and shock you with fantastic outcomes.

If reading is your kids’ hobby, gift them a new book, and reward them after every completion.

It is fine to involve your kid in some household chores too. Ask them to buy veggies and fruits from the nearest market or go shopping for a younger sibling.


  1. Set a time frame:

Creating a schedule will discipline your child and reduce the prolonged usage of electronic media.  A time table for activities like homework, physical activity or play hours, socializing, reading, etc. can be set to accomplish various tasks in an organized manner.

Usance of social media and other applications should be set with the help of parental control apps. Screen time controller allows you to plan a start time and end time for an activity like bedtime on your kid’s device.

Monitoring your kids with parental control app will allow you to know about every online activity that they perform on their devices. You can take control of gadget by blocking unwanted applications or calls. This app comes with various features such as GPS, Panic Alert, App Block and many more. You can also remotely access your kid’s electronic equipment with this app.

Highly recommended, Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such app that offers fantastic features like Time Schedule to control kids digital activity. It offers a plethora of features along with an easy installation process and high usability to control a child’s online activities.

Are you still waiting? Come on; it’s time to take actions to control screen time and other digital activities of your kids. Download the best available app today and leave all your worries on Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

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