Consider The Facts Before To Have External Hard Drives Case?

Consider The Facts Before To Have External Hard Drives Case?
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In the market you can find a wide variety of these device that are easily able to find the best one. But it is necessary that you know the types of boxes that exist and that differ according to certain characteristics, such as:


You can find boxes for external hard drives in different materials, which include plastic, aluminum, metal and even combinations between them.

Connection type:

The type of connection of one of these boxes can vary between USB, wireless. Try to choose between the different available options, you must consider the computer that you have.if this equipment is compatible with it, take into account that the speed of the Hard disk is related to your type of connection.


The interface of the communication that exists between both computers, and the hard disk  so your computer will determine the speed with how the information is transmitted.

In the case of these boxes, they can have different interface types, SATA being the most popular because it is faster, with better performance and greater cache capacity. 


The physical size of this equipment is also an important factor to consider and a way to differentiate hard disk case models, you must take into account that larger size will have greater capacity, but may have lower portability and also tend to be more expensive.

Number of slots:

There are boxes in which you can attach not only one, but two external hard drives to have greater storage capacity in computers that require large memory space.

How are the boxes of external hard drives used?

In order to start using your external hard drive box, you need to determine the type of connection that the equipment has, then you can proceed to open the box and locate your disk in the slot that is inside that depend on the model, you can have more than one slot for more hard drives.

The last step is to connect the box through USB or any other connection method that the device has and you can start using it on your computer.

Uses an old internal hard drive with a hard drive case

If you have an old computer that you cannot use because it has been damaged, you should not lose the information you had in this one. Since when using a hard disk box you can convert the internal hard disk of this equipment into an external one easily .

With this device it will be easy to recover documents, files, photos and videos that you have on old hard drives or damaged computers, you can also pass information from one computer to another and the box will provide protection, keeping your data safe.

Choosing an external hard drive box

The boxes of external hard drives are quite common nowadays, they are extremely useful equipment that you will be able to find in a great variety of affordable prices and of models of different sizes, big storage capacities and high speeds.

In order to choose the one that best suits your needs, it is important that you take into account the material from which the box is made, its security system and other technical specifications that will help you make your choice.

What other considerations should you take?

When choosing an external hard drive box it is necessary that you take into account the following considerations:

Type of box and connections:

These boxes are divided inside in pockets or slots where you can locate the hard drives, pockets that are made of different materials that allow it to be ventilated to avoid overheating.

On the other hand, the connections of these boxes are determined by the type of interface they have and in turn this defines their speed when transmitting information. 

Technical characteristics:

Among the technical characteristics that you should consider when choosing an external hard drive box, is the number of slots or pockets you have, since there are models where you can only locate one disk, while in others you can connect up to 8 without problems.

The capacity is another point to consider, since there are boxes with memory limits that you can locate in them, while others have no restrictions.


There are functions that you can consider for your box and that will be extremely useful, such as a cooling system that prevents the equipment from getting too hot.

You can also find models that allow transmitting information to other hard drives connected to the box without having to connect through a computer or the function of being able to connect USB memories to them.

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