A Guide To The 3M Hot Melt Glue Guns

A Guide To The 3M Hot Melt Glue Guns
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The 3M Glue guns offer robust build quality and can be used for the application of the high-quality 3M hot melt adhesives. There are different varieties of the 3M adhesive guns available that suit the different and specific applications.

A Guide To The 3M Hot Melt Glue Guns

Glue guns are easy to use, can be used in the most inaccessible of areas, and the hot melt adhesives that they apply to surfaces can bind ceramics, metals, paper, wood, plastics, glass and many different kinds of surfaces. The 3M Glue guns are even more popular and are widely preferred in industrial scenarios. The 3M structural adhesives improve aesthetics, performance, and efficiency and create the permanent structural bonds that are desired in many different applications.

The 3M glue guns are now available in different configurations, outputs, sizes and dispensing temperatures. There is a 3M hot melt glue gun for any specific application you have in mind. We here discuss some of the most popular and efficient varieties of the glue guns here.

3M Polygun AE/AE LT

The Glue Gun Scotch-Weld AE is well suited for the lighter industrial applications. It uses the standard glue gun adhesive sticks (1/2’’x 12’’), and therefore you can use sticks from all brands with this glue gun. The AE II versions can operate at low (for sensitive material including foam and fabrics) and standard (for everyday work) temperature work. The AE II LT version works at the lower temperatures and can also be used for the craft projects. This one has a blue color while the AE-II has an orange colour.

Some of the specifications of the Polygon 3M AE include:

  • Power capacity- 100 Watt
  • Weight- 20 Oz
  • Temperature-265°F

3M Polygun LT

The gun is fit for low temperature melting and uses the 5/8’’ x 2’’ adhesive sticks. The gun is light-weight, has a highly ergonomic design and can well suit the lighter industrial jobs and the craft projects. The specifications of the glue gun include:

  • Weight- 10 Oz
  • Temperature- 265°F
  • Power capacity- 150 Watt

3M Polygun TC

The glue works at higher temperatures and is fit for industrial usage. It uses the standard glue sticks of size 5/8’’ x 2’’. You can also use the Quadrack Converter to upgrade it and start to use the 5/8’’ x 2’’ glue sticks with it as well. The specifications of the gun include:

  • Power capacity- 150 Watt
  • Weight-10 Oz
  • Temperature-400°F

3M Polygun LT With Quadrack

The quadrack model of the Polygun uses the 5/8’’ x 8’’ size sticks and has a palm trigger. Therefore the gun can be used in industries for long durations without causing any worker fatigue. As the gun uses sticks of long size, you need not add the new sticks time and again. The gun operates at a temperature of 265°F.

3M Polygun TC with Quadrack

The 3M TC Quadrack version is one of the bestsellers. The gun also has the palm trigger and is well suited for the industrial processes. The 3M glue sticks used in the gun have a size of 5/8’’ x 8’’. The gun operates at a temperature of 400°F.

3M Polygun EC

It is a high volume glue gun variant and uses the 3M glue sticks of size 5/8’’ x 8’’. The gun can easily dispense around 5.5 lbs of the adhesive every hour and hence can be used for the high volume industrial applications. It also has adjustable temperature settings and feature through which it can work for both low temperature and standard glue sticks. The weight of the glue gun is 24 Oz and it has a power capacity of 350 watts.

3M Polygun PG II and PG II LT

The 3M offering is the pneumatic version. It uses the glue sticks of size 1’’ x 3’’. While the PG II operates at standard temperature, the LT (Low Temperature) version is for low-temperature work and sticks. The glue gun versions are highly durable and offer the best output. The power capacity of the glue gun is 500 Watt.

The 3M glue gun verities are available at the best and leading supplier stores online itself. Contact a reputed supplier who can you the offerings at a low glue gun price in India along with a warranty.



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