7 Things You Didn’t Know About A Refrigerator

7 Things You Didn’t Know About A Refrigerator
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The process of refrigeration has turned out to be one of the best technological inventions, owing to its vast array of features. It is not just about the cooling, but all of the products kept inside stay safe and healthy for a longer time period. But do refrigerators really have some facts that we are yet to know? Let’s find out 7 things that everyone must know about a refrigerator:

1. The refrigerating coolant doesn’t do good at all-

The coolant used in refrigerators is an essential feature that keeps the food healthy and cold. But what if you come to know that the coolant is doing more harm than good? According to recent research done by a group of specialists, the coolant consists of elements that can destroy the health priorities of the food. This can actually damage the food nutrition as well and makes it quite unhealthy for consumption. Therefore, the coolant inside must be changed at least once in a year to keep the freshness intact.

2. More CFC’s are generated from a refrigerator than any device-

The gas that is emitted from the refrigerator is known as CFC’s. Such gas is considered to be harmful to the ecosystem as the temperature starts getting warmer and warmer. This can arouse a critical risk concerning the health and several conditions can crop up.

3. Fridge handles contain more bacteria than you have ever thought-

Fridge handles mainly contain more than a billion bacteria than you have ever thought. Therefore, this is considered to be a risk as well. In keeping up to the freshness, a small cloth can be attached to the handle so that the bacteria can stay away at least in minimum amounts. Along with that, the cover must be changed regularly so that the atmosphere in the fridge stays fresh all the time. Maximum hygiene to the refrigerator must be maintained.

4. The rubber coating in refrigerators prevent the heat from entering into the system-

Have you ever thought about what the rubber coating does in refrigerators? Simply speaking in cooling terms, such a coating actually helps to keep all the heat at bay so that warmer temperatures do not clash with the cold inside. The warm temperatures can make the bacteria more active and thus the quality of food can decrease instantly.

5. Do not use an old fridge for too long-

By an old Toshiba fridge in Malaysia, it is meant that broken, damaged parts can aggravate the food condition and make it more contaminated. In order to keep the food fresh, an old fridge must be immediately exchanged with a new one, so that nothing starts to stink in it. Freshness is also related to the parts of the fridge as well and if everything is left rusted and unclean, then the situation might cause problems.

6. Defrosting is an essential step that must be done daily-

An essential part of the sharp fridge in Malaysia is defrosting. This means that all the ice that gets collected in the ice chamber must be melted in order to keep the refrigerator safe. If too much of ice gets collected, then the door won’t always close. Defrosting maintains the cleanliness of the fridge too. Even ice that is kept for too long in the chamber must not be used at all.

7. The overall electricity bill accounts for 20% of the refrigerator bill-

The monthly electricity bill is surely not a good document, owing to the high consumption of power. But the greatest part of electricity bills is that around 20% of it comes from the refrigerator. The cooling process indeed consumes more power in order to keep things fresh. If the fridge is bigger in size, the consumption increases manifold.

In keeping track of all the above refrigeration facts, it is truly essential to keep minimum things in the fridge so that the home environment stays safe for longer periods. Along with that, simply stuffing food in the fridge is not a good option to be entertained. Bacteria formation takes place when more food is present, thereby reducing the quality of food. Thus, staying on the safer side is must be the adopted priority.

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