7 Things You Can Do With Android Phones

7 Things You Can Do With Android Phones
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Android devices mainly consist of smartphones and tablets that are used by all of us in our daily lives. The software inbuilt has specific functions apart from just being the main head in running the device. The updated Android version is more or less featured to have additional benefits, making the whole system multi-functional. In such a situation, it has become very important to explore and discuss the top 7 things that Android devices can do:

  1. Checking the temperature-

One of the best things that you can actually do with your Samsung Note 9 in Malaysia as well as Oppo Find X in Malaysia is that both the phone temperature and the outside temperature can be seen without downloading of specific applications. The settings of these phones have the temperature option that can be swiped right to accept the feature. Once the internet is on, the device automatically detects the temperature and displays it on the screen.

  1. Face lock-

Locking and other private systems have improved over the years in all major gadgets. In smartphones, privacy settings are considered to be a very crucial part. Apart from the pattern and pin system of locking the phone, the latest Android devices can also be locked and unlocked with the help of the face. That’s right! The face is the ultimate password and needs to be scanned to accept its visibility. Then no one can replace you and open your phone.

  1. Fingerprint access-

Securing your Android device has been updated to the top level and this time, fingerprint access has been introduced. You can simply go to the settings section and enter privacy. The fingerprint option can be turned on and the scanning of the left thumb or right thumb takes place. Once done, the phone is highly secured with just the fingerprint of that person.

  1. Syncing the gadget to the PC or tablet-

Syncing options initially happened to be present only in computers and laptops, but over the years of development, both IOS and Android devices have this completely operational feature, thereby enhancing the software in a better way. On syncing the device to a PC or laptop, the whole data can be transferred to the other device and this makes for an additional copy for the information as well. Syncing allows for better security as well.

  1. Hide personal applications-

One of the greatest things that you are really unaware of is that the Android device you are using can actually hide your personal applications. What if you are using Facebook and want the hide the icon? Simply visit the settings store and click on the privacy option. There is a hide app feature present. On clicking it, all of the applications are displayed one by one. Clicking and confirming on the desired application can actually hide the app from the main screen and make it like a cleaning app. Thus, you can simply click on it and enjoy the service.

  1. Scanning-

Scanning is totally possible in all android devices in the absence of scanning applications. From bar codes to normal day to day work scan, everything is possible with an inbuilt scanner that is present in all Android smartphones. To access the operation, click on the camera and simply turn on the scanning option. Naturally, it would scan bar codes and other necessary documents.

  1. Searching a lost device-

The greatest advantage of actually owning an Android device is that you can actually use it to find ad track your lost device. This can take place by going to the about phone section and checking the required details. By keeping the search phone option on, you can easily track any lost device and find its exact location. This feature is inbuilt in the system and has to be accessed with an internet connection. Just entering the phone details can bring out the location of the lost device.

With all of the above said, an Android device is truly a life savior with all sorts of benefits at hand. Apart from being needed for day to day tasks, such a gadget helps in securing your surroundings as well.

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