What is the effect of AI on Mobile app development?

What is the effect of AI on Mobile app development?
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The mobile applications have totally taken the world into a new era. Despite that, there is always a thirst of ‘What is next?’ which always remains unquenchable. While the question arises what is next in the world of mobile applications, there comes the Artificial Intelligence into the act. The term Artificial Intelligence means, the art of providing the computer or a similar device the ability to think and understand some process or condition. It’s almost like powering the device the thinking ability similar to human beings.Today right from the top industrial giants like Google to dwarf industries, everyone is trying to develop mobile applications with AI. The user experience takes a bigger leap when the AI is feature is enabled to any mobile application. When the user experience is high the number of users automatically grows to a huge number.With the enabled Artificial Intelligence, the application will get customized according to the user. So that the application gets personalized and the user will enjoy using the application. So, let’s dive in to know how the corporate mobile applications go to the next level with help of AI.

Improved Opportunities

With the introduction of the AI into the world of mobile applications, new opportunities are growing in the application development. Apart from developers, there are new roles that are being added up to the application development world. Since the users demand interactions similar to humans with the smartphones, it wide opens a whole new market full of opportunities.

User Customized Applications the Applications

Every development company is aspiring to create an application with the personal assistants. Like Siri, Alexa every company is trying to put forth some kind of digital assistant to their application to create a user like the interaction with the applications. With the help of the digital assistant enabled to the application, the user will be able to order for some process in the application. It creates a personal bond with that particular application.

Better Control

The AI allows the user to have better control over the applications. With the introduction of AI in a mobile application, we are able to find the location and share it with the other users. Provide the power to the smartphones to recognize the speech and the touch. To an advanced level phone can now also listen to the heart beats, understand our mood and act accordingly. It can play music that best suits our mood. This all features had been possible only with the help of AI.

In some cases, the applications with AI enabled will be able to contribute even to ours. For example, with the help of AI, the application will be able to find your heart rate and intimate if any abnormalities found. Consider a cholesterol burn calculating app; with the number of steps you move and the speed AI will be able to give the data to the application. Using the data after processing certain calculations, the application will be able to display the amount cholesterol burnt through walking or workout. From these examples, we will be able to find the intensity of impact that AI creates in a mobile application.

Personalized Advertisements 

With the help of AI, digital marketing will reach new heights. Since the AI personalizes the application it will be able to understand the customer better. Knowing the customer is the key to digital marketing. It eases the job of developers and the producers. The producers will know their customers and will be able to deliver advertise their products straight to the interested customers. This will increase the scale of product consumption.

The customers can also be free from the ads that annoy them. Only the ads that the customer is interested in will be displayed. Consider Youtube which uses AI to improve the user experience. It displays only the videos that the user may be interested in the home screen, which increases the possibilities of the video to be watched.

Addition of AI into the mobile applications has improved the business profit of the organization. The organization is able to connect deeply with its customers. With AI the user experience and the market opportunities have taken new dimensions.

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