Things to Expect From a Good Pain Management Center

Things to Expect From a Good Pain Management Center
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Across America, at least 100 million and even more than a billion people worldwide struggle with chronic pain. Several people say that the pain they have hinders their lifestyle, and stops them from sleeping properly at night. They end up concentrating on their sleep and it affects their life and energy levels. Whenever you struggle with persistent pain, the last resort for you is to turn to a good pain management center Atlanta GA.

Just know that you need to choose a specialist or a clinic with enough experience to diagnose and treat the kind of pain you experience. You need to ask whether the doctor has special training or a board certified one for pain management. Make sure you feel comfortable with the doctors you choose, and they should be experts you feel comfortable working in the days to come. The pain management specialist needs to be able to coordinate with other care methods and treat your pain, this including chiropractic care, physical therapy, counseling, and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, a good center should be able to diagnose your problem, work with you and your family, and create the best plans for treatment based on your individual goals. They will be able to then monitor your progress and inform you on how to follow the treatment.

What is a Pain Management Center?

A pain management center often differs in its approach but remains the ideal choice for those people that wish to have a comprehensive, holistic approach, and team-based approach to helping patients with pain management. The doctors and team in such centers work hand in hand with the best approaches to diagnose the underlying causes of pain and find the right treatment options. The experts in a pain management center include doctors with different areas of specialties, including non-physicians and people that specialize in chronic pain management and diagnosis.

The staff in centers like Kroll Care could also include physical therapists, psychologists, and other therapists like hypnosis therapists, and acupuncturists. The team may include:

  • Psychologists
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Dieticians
  • Vocational and occupational therapists

They will also provide you with medications, and guide you on how to manage pain through psychological, and behavioral therapies.

Things to Expect


Evaluation and Treatment

When you visit a center, the experts during the first visit should be able to plan a proper pain management plan and assess or develop a suitable plan of treatment. Once you get the plan, you can share more details with the physician who will address your body pain needs. They will further evaluate any additional treatment that you will need and evaluate your health condition. During the treatment process, your support team will also communicate your progress and refer you to another expert, if necessary. Once you reach the end of the treatment, the experts will then give more information on how to manage the condition.

Tests and Diagnosis

At the treatment time, you will have various diagnostic tests, which will help the experts at the center to understand the source of your pain at that particular time. In most cases, the tests will include:

  • Identifying nerve blocks and the precise source of pain
  • They will also use thermographic imaging, which should access the integrity of proper circulation. The thermography will sense cold and hot areas of your body and record any changes in the skin temperature. Often the test comes with no pain and it doesn’t actually require placing any instruments under the body skin
  • CT and CAT scans to take scans of various x-rays at angles to get a detailed view of the internal organs
  • Nutritional and dietary analysis
  • psychological testing

Monitoring the Treatment

Once the experts are sure of the plan they need to follow to treat your problem, they will apply it. Through the best option, either chiropractic care, physical therapy, or a mix of the two and other therapies, they will do all it takes to target your pain.

Before you choose a specialist, just make sure they have enough experience and should be able to use pain-free methods to ensure you heal well. A pain management center Atlanta GA should be able to target all the areas of your body that experience pain and ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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