Technology and an Average Consumer

Technology and an Average Consumer
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As we move forward in the twenty-first-century technology is becoming more and more advanced and more influential on our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed technology has become a major part of our daily routine life. In an effort to make our lives more comfortable and easy we are constantly developing new devices which can do it better than the previous one even for the simplest tasks like turning on the lights. The technological devices of the present day have made our lives so easy that we have become dependent on them so much and we cannot imagine living a single day without them.

A large part of the industry is focused on developing devices for entertainment and corporate market while others are finding new ways to help the mankind by developing devices for educational purposes or devices which somehow helps disabled people overcome their disability and making our daily tasks easier and efficient to perform. The purpose of all these devices is to create a better world for the human race to grow and evolve into a better community.

How technology can benefit an average consumer or a common person like me and you..? The development of a particular device starts by keeping in mind the needs of a targeted market. For example, if a company is developing a mobile phone for an average consumer like us then it will be developed based on our needs. So the first step is to discover the most common ways in which a device can be used by an average consumer.

Why do I need a particular device..?

In this world, every one of us has our own lifestyle and the way we interact with the community is also different but there are some common uses that everyone can relate to.

  • Communication
  • Socializing
  • Entertainment and other common uses


Communication was the main reason for which these mobile communication devices were developed in the first place. It is the most common and important use of a mobile device and probably the main reason for buying a mobile phone so that you can communicate with each other. As for the devices of the 21st century, the main focus is to develop the fastest ways of communication like 4G and 4G LTE with 5G coming soon to the market.


Socializing is rather a new trend. Socializing has become so much popularity over the last few years that most of the mobile users are focused on it. From an average consumer to a corporate or business social media has become an immensely vast market that everyone is dependent on. Social media is also among the most popular trends of our community now a day and most of the features of a mobile device are highly focused and optimized for socializing.

Entertainment and other common uses

Many consumers use their devices for entertainment purposes. The technology market is growing rapidly with new products coming every few months it is hard for an average person to decide which product fits ones needs and fulfills all the requirements. While there are countless manufacturers available in the market some have been able to gain public trust in making quality products. Among those few trusted companies apple inc. is most popular due to their long history of making quality products and bringing new innovations to the market. Apples new ipads are considered best in the market as they provide endless flexibility for the user to create new content and enjoy already present entertainment. Having the latest hardware with a vast range of applications it can handle all the workload easily and fulfill all of your needs whether its related to entertainment, education, business, and learning.

Latest Tech. for average consumer

The latest innovation in the field of mobile entertainment is Virtual Reality technology. These devices are usually head mounted with virtual reality features. Most mobile companies are developing customized VR devices for their handsets to provide their users with virtual reality experience. Virtual reality is the next step forward in entertainment business it provides a whole new experience to the user. Being the latest innovation in the market the prices of these devices is very high. With the release of a new model every year, it is hard for everyone to buy new ipads that’s why there are companies present which provide ipad rental services so that people who cannot afford to buy new ipads can rent ipads at an affordable price for a short period of time.

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