Mobile Identity Theft Threats and Prevention Tips

Mobile Identity Theft Threats and Prevention Tips
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Mobile identity theft is fast becoming the new face of online identity thefts with mobile phone data being hacked by cybercriminals. The form of attacks perpetrated by online identity thieves is totally varied and depends on the aspect of identity that is being attacked by these digital bandits. Some are after financial information of mobile phone users, others are more interested in mobile identity theft containing personal information of users like photos, address books, and contacts list. Either way, mobile identity theft is a menace that is facing the most brutal cyber and data hacking attacks of recent times. There are some common practices and prevention tips that can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a mobile identity theft. These include:

Verified Apps

It is highly suggested that in order to avoid mobile identity thefts, smartphone users only opt for mobile apps that are highly rated or at least have a bare minimum of 100,000 downloads on the app store. Make sure that you do some research before downloading apps on to your smartphone, or at least read the reviews or ratings given by previous users. It will give you an apt idea about the reputation of an app and ensure your online identity protection.

Data Access

The next step after downloading an app on to your mobile phone is to check for the access it requires to perform. It is important that you carefully read the checklist before you carry on using smartphone apps as it is the best identity theft protection measure to prevent stealing of credentials or personal information. Most of the utility apps require minimal access to other resources of a smartphone. It is obvious that a photo editing app wants to access your photo album but always check, if they are also requiring access to your contacts or even Google Pay account.

Modern-day smartphone operating systems have even established strong checks for identity theft protection by alerting mobile phone users to whatever kind of access is request by an app from the OS. It is important that mobile phone users also take responsibility for their own identity and check for accesses requested by their downloaded app, in order to ensure identity theft protection.

Mobile Identity Theft

Secure Passwords

Starting from phone passwords and going until the passwords of all accounts used on a smartphone, mobile phone users need to adopt stronger and difficult-to-hack passwords. It is the quintessential identity theft protection trick, regardless of the digital medium. Easy and obvious passwords result in identity thefts that eventually lead to a larger number of data breaches.

So it is especially important for business executives and employees to use secure and strong passwords for all their work-related app and systems, especially their work phones. Otherwise, any smart hacker can duplicate their identity and can cause millions, if not billions, of dollars in revenue losses. There are several instances in recent corporate and hacking history where lax password practices of employees and workers led to the breach of social media accounts that eventually led to disastrous data hacks.

Catuious Browsing Practices

Browsing practices of mobile users are also critical in mobile identity theft protection as one wrong click on a misleading link can cause havoc for a mobile user and its identity credentials. It is important that users specifically follow instructions provided by their browsers while surfing the internet on their mobile phones. Although the range of anti-hacking locks on mobile versions of browsers is still in developing phase, still substantial attempts of identity theft can be blocked, if smartphone users refrain from visiting websites with low-level security certification or that pose a risk to individual identification data of a mobile phone user.

Shufti Pro is one identity verification service that is perfect for businesses that require mobile identity theft protection for their users. It offers AI based KYC verification and AML Compliance solutions. With a service pack that includes facial verification, document verification, address verification, 2-factor authentication, and biometric consent verification. With availability in 190+ countries and support for 150+ languages, Shufti Pro is ideal for a global audience. Surely, a new age devoid of mobile identity theft is upon us.

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