Happy Marriage: The Winning Formula

Happy Marriage: The Winning Formula
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There’s no formula for the perfect marriage … or is there? According to a study by Switzerland’s Geneva School of Business, there’s a formula for love that can increase a couple’s chance of happiness by 20 percent. The findings were published some time ago in London’s Telegraph.

Although my marriage is far from perfect, my husband and I have a strong, healthy relationship. So I was curious how our union would stack up against the formula. Here’s a rundown of the formula for the perfect marriage, and how we fared:

1. The husband should be five years older than his bride.

My hubby is only three years older than I, but the age difference works for us. My dad is also three years older than my mom, and they’ve been married almost four decades.

2. The couple should share the same heritage.

I’m African-American. My husband is Hispanic. But he grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and majored in African studies in college. I come from a mostly white town, and my college minor was Latin American studies. In other words, we’re both all mixed up. But we understand and appreciate each other just fine.

3. A wife should be at least 27 percent smarter than her husband.

What exactly does this mean — that my I.Q. should be higher than his? Bologna! My husband and I are intelligent in different ways, which is great because our strengths complement each other. For example, last year we vacationed in Puerto Rico. With my college Spanish and his street Spanish, we could communicate everywhere we went.

4. The wife should hold a degree; the husband should not.

I assume they’re talking about college degrees. When I met my husband, I had a master’s degree. He was working on his. He graduates this spring. What difference does that make? If anything, we relate to each other better because we’ve had similar academic experiences.

5. Neither should be divorced.

We aren’t. Phew!

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