5 Effective Website Design Ideas to Increase Engagement

5 Effective Website Design Ideas to Increase Engagement
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If you are running a business, your website plays a strategic role in its success. The website design ideas that you employ work for or against you. You will want your website to pull its weight and contribute to the growth of the business. For this to happen, it has to attract potential consumers and then be able to engage them. Only then, you can have hope that this visit will be converted into business and result in growth.

Here are a few effective website design ideas to increase engagement:

A Distinguishing Look

Your website should be able to set you apart from the others, but you should not do so by cluttering up space. The lines should be clean giving space for all content to be distinctly visible. The visitor should be able to clearly identify the important details and should not get lost in a wave of irrelevant information. Information, when segregated under clearly understandable headings, is easy to access.

The content on your page needs to demand attention. Your website design ideas should include concepts that will force the visitor to look at them just because they are there.

Some features that can prove attractive are:


  • Infographics – Relevance of what you share through these is important and should not be overshadowed by the design. These talk to everybody and are attractive to look at.


  • Animation – Any kind of movement on the screen is bound to grab attention. It could be a set of images that talk about your product or brand. It could be pop-ups for CTAs as well.


  • Humor – A message delivered with a tinge of good humor will be retained for longer in the consumers’ mind. It might encourage people to share it with others in their circle.

Tell a Story

People connect to elements that have an emotional connection somewhere. Real life situations can trigger attention. A story about your brand told in a simplistic manner, preferably with the help of captivating visual media, should evoke a response that will motivate them to spend more time on your website and explore. Using simple language for your story rather than technical jargon can be more heart-warming and better for the consumers’ attention span. You can take help from professional copywriters who can produce suitable content as per your requirements.

Make It Action-Oriented

An eCommerce website design has a slightly different set of requirements than general business websites. These survive only on action. The consumer has to go through various stages of choosing, ordering and paying, which include multiple sub-layers. You want them to move through various CTAs to reach the ultimate goal of purchasing.

It is important to take care that all the action required should not become monotonous and should keep the interest alive. They should be encouraged to respond to the CTAs for subscriptions, downloads or sharing with a feeling of relevance. The right kind of actions will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Make It Responsive and Interactive

To engage a visitor, it is important that the website should be adaptive to all the different platforms that can be used to access it, responding to the needs of all users. If that is not the case, the potential customers will leave the website even before they think of exploring it. The expectations from the desktop website should be matched by the experience on mobile devices as well.

If the visitors have a query, there should be some option for them to get it answered. As everything these days is becoming instant, an instant response is also expected. Having a live chat window is another kind of responsiveness that people expect. An instant response helps to grow trust in the brand.

Accessibility for All

Besides considering all these website design ideas to improve visitor engagement, it is important to keep in mind that not everybody is able to access these websites. There are people with many different forms of disability that render them unable to use these websites. These could be visual, aural or motor disabilities. If your website can be customized to serve these differently abled people, it will be a great service for the society as well.

It is a very technical field and customizations require a good knowledge of the subject. A website designing company would be specialized in such work and can be hired for delivering specific projects with high quality.

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Micheal Anderson is a proficient website designing expert with Techmagnate since last 5 years. He has knowledge of UI/UX, SEO friendly landing page creation, sitemap creation, plugins development, website customization etc.

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