4 Tips to for a Fun Halloween House Party

4 Tips to for a Fun Halloween House Party
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People tend to celebrate Halloween with a house party. Friends all gather in a place to converse, serve great food and drinks from their favorite alcohol distributor. Despite enthusiasm for these get together by everyone, house parties can be hard to plan for the hosts. Us adults don’t have much time for event planning, and most celebrations may just end up with the typical activities of drinking, eating and listening to music. Why not try to make this year’s Halloween party a little different?

If you want to spice up your usual Halloween party, these are some tips you can follow:

Guests can wear themed costumes

For a lot of people, costumes should only be worn by kids. Additionally, costumes that are worn by adults tend to lack creativity. Instead of just having a Halloween party, you can set up a theme that would act as a basis for all their outfits. These themes do not have to be even horror related, as long as your guests can relate to it and easily find costumes

These are good non-horror themes:

  • Reality TV celebrities
  • Youtubers
  • Netflix dramas- for example: Stranger Things, Riverdale
  • Anime- Example: Attack on Titan,

If you just want straight up- horror, these are good ideas to implement:

  • Slasher genre villains
  • Scary creatures from ancient folklore- In the Philippines, we have such as aswang and kapre
  • Supernatural characters

Decorate your Home with Spooky Décor

A Halloween party can’t be complete without spooky décor. A month or even 2 months before Halloween, local stores are already selling Halloween inspired decorations.

It is always fun to have the basics; spider webs, witch brooms, green spooky lights, pumpkins, and skeletons, but it is also fun to be creative and do some DIY decorations.

Cook with your friends Halloween inspired food

Food is one of the most enjoyable parts of the party. Instead of just ordering take-out, why don’t you prepare food with all of your friends? Cooking is a great activity for friends to bond together, and you, as the host, have less responsibility on your shoulders.

Cooking parties are more organized when there is a set-menu to follow. The best cook among your group, can be the leader of the kitchen by being the one to finalize menu and prepare the recipes for each guests to follow. Since not everyone is an expert, dishes should be prepared and cooked under an hour. These are easy to make halloween inspired dishes you can try:

  • Marinara Pizza with Ghost Shaped Cheese
  • Graveyard Guacamole Dip and Chips
  • Carrot Witch Fingers

Have a horror movie marathon

If you and your friends are horror movie lovers, why not end the night with a marathon of these films? These are many ways you and your guests can properly plan your movie marathon.

  • Movies shown can follow a certain horror genre. The common genres are thrillers, paranormal, psychological, and slasher
  • Movies can also go according to year. Guests can each be given a decade before the party, and they will have to show a critically acclaimed film of that time period. You don’t obviously have to do every decade These are examples of film with good reviews from 1970-2000s
    • 2000s: Trick ‘r Treat
    • 1990s: The Sixth Sense
    • 1980s: The Shining
    • 1970s: Carrie

Don’t forget to give your guests snacks, sodas, and drinks from your favorite alcohol distributor.

Key Takeaway:

Halloween is the best season to have parties. Therefore, every host and guests should put more effort into making their Halloween parties more special compared to their usual get-togethers. This tips can be implemented by you and your loved ones for your next one. You don’t have to stick with the just the usual eating and drinking.

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