Manufacturing of FRP Manhole Covers and the Industrial Use

Manufacturing of FRP Manhole Covers and the Industrial Use
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A manhole cover is a plate which can be removed that forms a cap over the opening of the manhole. It is used to prevent the thing from falling in it and to keep out any persons or material unauthorized. They are made up of cast iron and concrete or by combining these two. And this makes these covers strong and heavy. Now comes the important segment of FRP. Basically, FRP is a composite material which is made up of the matrix of polymer reinforced with the use of fibers. And FRP manhole covers are those that are made up of fiber reinforced plastics.

There are many applications of FRP manhole covers which are given below:

  • Inspection chambers for the sewerage
  • In underground electrical cabling such as draw pits, traffic lights, street lights etc..
  • Telecom cabling such as connection chambers etc.
  • Water Installations
  • Gas installation
  • Petroleum installation
  • Beautification of gardens
  • Landscapes beautify
  • Pedestrians area
  • Construction on road

And many more which are not mentioned. They are made up of by using thermoset material. Their durability is for the long term. The material is composed of cross-linked polyesters which are combined with the fiberglass reinforced materials. These materials are composed to sustain against wear and tear for the heavy load of the traffics.  There are many advantages, which are given below:

  • High load capacity
  • These covers contain no metal
  • No scrap value
  • They have the long service life
  • They are well sealed
  • There is no noise pollution
  • These covers have the resistance of corrosion
  • Never rust
  • No recycling value
  • Aging stability is high
  • They are safe to use.

These covers are 40% lighter than other covers which are used for the same purpose. Their compressive strength is 5 times more than others. Along with the advantages of these covers, there are some key features also which are explained below:

  • These covers are not prone to theft due to non-presence of metal or any other material which are reprocess-able and are present in the cover.
  • There is no space to breed the mosquitos in the chamber because the lifting area or the keyhole type is closed from the bottom.
  • The covers have the arrangement of double seal.
  • All the FRP manhole covers are finished with standard graphite.
  • They are available in many colors as per the requirement of the client.
  • They are self-pigmented, therefore they do not require painting. But they can be painted if there is a requirement.
  • They remain at normal temperature under the sunlight because they do not absorb the heat because they have poor heat transfer properties.
  • These covers are convenient to handle hot conditions.
  • They are flexible.
  • Due to excess load bearing imparted on the covers, they do not disintegrate into pieces.
  • As the chambers are not left open even in the case of cracking of the cover, the accidents on the roads are avoided.

So these are some of the major features of FRP manhole cover. They are available in any size and can be manufactured as per the client’s requirements.

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