Awesome Ideas to Show your Feel with Gift Wrapping

Awesome Ideas to Show your Feel with Gift Wrapping
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Wrapping of the gift is an art and it is the most important thing when you are giving a gift to somebody. You have got an expensive gift but if it is not unwrapped or not wrapped properly, doesn’t impress the receiver. We have brought you the exciting learning session of gift wrapping for you. it will help you to make an outstanding g impression on a special one.

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1. Flower on Gift Wrapping

Flower On Gift Wrapping

You can use faux flowers or fabric flowers to wrap the gift box. You can also insist on the fresh flowers but it will get pale after some time. So better you use faux or fabric flowers to stick on the bow. Use satin or Lenin fabric to give a royal touch to your gifting. It’s a good thing to transform the simple gift into a joyful gift. Choose the matching color fabric or laces to sew the pretty roses. Tie the box with silk laces and then stick flowers on the top bow of the gift box. Use white pearls, decent decorative ornaments to highlight the center flower part.

2. Photo Wrapping Paper

Photo Paper

You can add a personal touch on gift wrapping. The decoration is a part but here you can make it meaningful by covering the box with photo paper. You have to make use of memorable photo and get it printed on paper. Now use this photo paper to wrap the edges of the box. Don’t use any silk thread or bow, let it be like that. Your friend would love to see that memory engraved on the box. Certainly, it would be a great choice for making your gift unique and memorable.

3. Sky Night Wrapping

Sky Night

the sky is the limit to highlight the gifts. You have endless choices of decoration to make get the glowing appearance on boxes. Here you need to use dark blue paper to wrap the gift. Now use a silver sharpie or highlighting stencils to make the starts and another creative drawing on paper. There are endless possibilities of creation to make with a highlighter.

4. Go with Blank Paper and Fun Duct Tape

Fun Duct Tape

You have no time to rush at the stores to decorate the gift. This ultimate gift wrapping idea will help you to make the thoughtful decoration in a minute. You will find plain paper and duct tape in almost all homes. So you can use both of these to wrap the gift box. Wrap the box with simple paper and stick it with tape. Now use duct tape to make creative designs on it. Your task is finished and you are ready to go with a gift.

5. Use Newspaper

Newspaper wrapping

Old photo paper or newspaper cutting is the modern way to wrap the gift. It’s a great way of recycling. Don’t throw that old papers or cuttings, use them in the best way to decorate the gift box. Just cut the proper sizes and wrap the gift box with tape. Now tie the box with khaki thread. It’s most important if you are taking newspaper as the wrap you must use the old-fashioned khaki thread to wrap the gift.

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All above gift wrapping ideas are unique and thoughtful. No worries if you have a gift at home and you have no time to go to the shop to wrap it. Above ideas will help you to make your gift look creative and thoughtful. Hope you guys enjoy it and use the tricks afterward.

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