What is The Responsible Management of Assets? | Responsible Investing

What is The Responsible Management of Assets? | Responsible Investing
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Responsible Investing
The good management of money by investing in adequate assets is the main value for any financial administrator, whose professional and responsible management will take you to the planned or desired end of achieving the desired results and objectives, always in the most beneficial way for your customers.
In order to be able to carry out an adequate assessment and management of the patrimony, it will be essential that the investment decisions are properly adjusted to each investor profile, depending on whether it is conservative, moderate or aggressive. Each investor profile corresponds to a certain level of financial risk that evidently must be assumed responsibly by the clientinvestor.


So that you can get a better view of the subject, from this section of Tips for our many readers and followers we will highlight some principles or precepts to be taken into account, before proceeding to participate with your real money through the previous assignment of financial assets.

  • Previous study of each client: It is essential that the financial professional (manager) can define the specific needs of their client, investment horizon, recurring income, expected expenses, risk profile, planning of monetary objectives to be achieved.
  • Apply a specific strategy: Perform a calculation of your current financial capacity, personal income, family income, personal strategy on risk estimation to assume and the psychological preparation to access investment in the always volatile equity markets.
  • Transparency and investment proposals: In asset management, it is very appropriate to maintain a regular contact (via Internet) or followup of your investment portfolio with your financial manager. Receive reports periodically with analysis, comparative and always understandable explanations about its evolution or other available options.
  • Protect the capital invested: It is the maximum in the world of investment in the markets. Portfolio management should take advantage of the investment opportunities that arise, in order to maintain capital and even maximize the yield it can produce, but respecting professionally the famous profitability / risk binomial.


Going to the proper advice of legally authorized financial professionals can be a good decision, since they will be able to take care of their capital destined to the investment through the socalled AngloSaxon term Asset Management” (Assignment or management of assets).
These professionals in the sector will have as an essential objective to apply their knowledge, organize your finances, plan your strategies and ultimately make an integrated management of your money in exchange for established and published commissions, which you should always know in advance before signing the contract. Corresponding advice.
In your daily training on this complex and sometimes very profitable world of investing in the stock markets, you should remember how important and decisive it can be to receive help and professional support. Given the logical financial shortcomings of the future small and medium investors who from today must have already read, learned and understood: “What is the responsible management of assets?
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