Ways to burn 400 calories

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Burn 400 calories does not require hours of exercise or complicated equipment. In fact, you can do it standing up. It is easy to do it in a single session, if you are capable enough to do it without stopping, using at least moderate intensity. Choose a favorite activity and see how fast time passes as you burn those calories.

Types of exercise

Depending on how hard you work, you will use different energy systems. Walking at a good pace puts you in your fat burning area and so you will burn most of your calories from fat. Working at a pace comparable to running puts you in your aerobic zone, which makes you burn more calories. Anaerobic exercise occurs while running and you will burn more calories as you experience ups and downs in activity. Many sports, such as tennis or basketball, are anaerobic. Choose an exercise rhythm based on your initial physical condition and the ability of your back and joints to handle the impact of various activities.

Your training

Regardless of the exercise, you will get more benefits if you follow a warm-up, exercise, cooling and stretching pattern. Warm up with moderately intense movements such as moving arms, jumping or jumping scissors. If the exercise is walking at speed, start with a normal walk for several minutes to increase your heart rate. After finishing your workout, go slower for 5 minutes to reduce your heart rate and let blood, lactic acid and other anabolic residues leave your muscles. Cooling, along with stretching exercises, will help you avoid stiffness and subsequent muscle pain.

Exercise to burn fat

Walking at a pace of 2 mph for 1 hour burns 183 calories in a 160-pound person. and 228 calories in a 200-pound. If this is the rate at which you can exercise, increase the intensity a little or walk a few more minutes to reach your goal of 400 calories in two sessions. If you can increase your pace to 3.5 mph, you will burn 277 or 346 calories, depending on your weight. If you weigh 240 pounds you burn just over 400 calories at that rate. Ballroom and bowling balls burn 219 calories per hour for a 160-pound person and 273 calories for a 200-pound person. If you like to swim, practice water aerobics for a non-impact exercise that burns 292 or 364 calories, depending on your weight.
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Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is the best option to burn 400 calories during a training session for most non-athletes. Low-impact aerobics burn 365 and 455 calories per hour, depending on whether you weigh 160 or 200 pounds. High impact aerobics, where both feet leave the floor as jumping or dancing, burn 511 and 637 calories per hour. Get that same calorie burn from a non-impact paddling session. You can burn 400 calories in approximately 30 to 40 minutes running at 5 mph. Activities that allow you to burn your 400 calories in 30 minutes or less include jumping rope, skating and running.

Anaerobic exercise

If you like individual tennis, basketball or football, you can burn 400 calories in approximately 35 to 40 minutes, depending on your weight. Add an extra 5 to 10 minutes to that time if you are playing racquetball.
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