Top Tools for Performance Testing

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Performance testing is essential for almost all types of applications. Monitoring the speed and performance of a given application, these tools make up for an efficient load testing process. The main function of these load testing tools is to ensure the application performance during peak traffic.
The list of performance testing tools that we are about to provide below are gaining prominence across organizations for their client experience. Performance testing tools are essential for the smooth running of applications in various domains. 

Performance Testing tool: Must haves

LoadRunner: Designed by HP Enterprise, this load testing software provides a clear picture of system performance. Reliable and affordable, this tool can be used on different types of application. Some of the features it boasts of include:
  • Root Cause Analytics: The tool uses integrated performance monitors in real-time that help in determining the performance challenges by leveraging code-level and application-layer data.
  • Testing can be done on wide range of applications: Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, and GWT are some of the applications that are supported by LoadRunner.
  • Building a real-time testing environment: This tool mimics a user environment, which takes a lot of skill, effort, and time. This feature helps reduce the three factors drastically and make it convenient to simulate user transaction. 


    It is a tool of choice for organizations with heavy user load and complex testing requirements. It helps in generating load from the cloud and on-premises machines. It is flexible and easy to use. The best part about this tool is it provides a clear picture of web application performance. It also identifies issues and challenges that forms a barrier in achieving the load and response requirements.
    Providing advanced testing functions, this tool has JMeter as its core, which enables it to adopt to any given environment. It is easy to make test scenarios with this tool by just clicking on the embedded browser. Moreover, no browser set up is required.
    It generates reports automatically with details about the bottlenecks and the loopholes. The report also comprises auto-evaluated acceptance criteria, statistics, graph comparison tools, and trend analysis of multiple test runs. It is also strong in distributed testing, CI integration.
    It is a tool that allows hassle-free load testing. The tool performs testing in real browsers, which provides accurate data, closely emulating real users. The tool is 100% cloud-based, scalable and can be deployed in minutes. Some of the advanced features include point and click scripting, global cloud-based infrastructure and real browser testing.
    Rational Performance Tester
    This tool can be used both on web application and server-based application. The tool creates a real environment of the original transaction process between the user and the web service. At the end, all the information are gathered and a statistical analysis is made. Any leakage in the website or the server can be immediately rectified with the help of this tool.
    SOASTA CloudTest is a testing tool for websites, mobile apps testing, APIs and more. The users or the developers can use the cloud platform as their virtual testing labs. The developers can carry out their testing in the cloud platform in a cost-effective way through this CloudTest tool.
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